Start a Student Organization

Missouri State University offers students a wide variety of ways to get involved on campus. Student Organizations are a great way to bring you together with other students who have similar ideas and goals. Not only can you learn from each other, but you can also develop friendships and contacts. If you have an idea for an organization that is not currently developed, we’d love to help you get started.

Please be aware that this process is extensive and requires a substantial commitment from you. From start to finish it could take several weeks or even months to get a new group officially recognized.

Step 1: Schedule a meeting with the Graduate Assistant for Co-Curricular Involvement

The first step is to schedule to set a new organization meeting with CCI's GA. During the meeting, the registration process and student organization funding (SOFAC) will be discussed. You can reach out to to schedule a meeting!

Step 2: Select an Advisor and members for student organization

Student organizations must have one full-time MSU staff or faculty member serve as an advisor to the organization. In addition, each organization must have a minimum of 5 current MSU students as members, with at least one of those students holding the position of 'President'. Together you will develop a purpose for your organization.

Step 3: Create and submit a Constitution and/or Bylaws

Students must create a Constitution and Bylaws using the New Student Organization and SOFAC meeting template. Completed constitutions and bylaws should be emailed to

As a sample, the Office of Student Engagement created fully written example for the organization "Boomer Fan Club"

Student organization constitutions will be presented to the Missouri State Student Government Association (SGA) for final review and approval. SGA will ensure that a prospective organization does not too heavily overlap with other organizations, that there isn’t a large amount of risk associated, and that the group’s proposed constitution meets University standards. SGA will then approve the student organization for recognition by Missouri State University.

More information can be found in the Student Organization Handbook.

Step 4: Bear Link Training

When approved by SGA, you will be contacted by a member of the Co-Curricular Involvement team for information to set up a BearLink page for your student organization. you can also reach out directly utilizing the above email.

BearLink is the online community for all registered student organizations on campus. 

Only after final review and approval of the Constitution document and the completed BearLink Training is the new organization officially recognized by the University. After completion of this process, student organizations are eligible to receive SOFAC funding and to reserve space through Event & Meeting Services. 

Step 5: Complete and submit registration paperwork

The new president will receive the Faculty/Staff Agreement Form at the New Student Organization Meeting. All paperwork must be submitted to the OSE in order to progress through the recognition process.