Facilities Data

5,818,232 Square Feet of Maintainable Campus

225 acres

Facilities Management
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Type Number of Buildings Size (in square feet)
Education and general 73 3,576,312
Auxiliary 24 2,241,920
Buildings leased from others 6 238,626

Other campus units not included above are the Fruit Experiment Station at Mountain Grove, MO, the Department of Defense and Strategic Studies located in Fairfax, VA, the West Plains campus, and a site in Dalian, China.


Students living in University Housing


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Grounds Information

Grounds Size
Tunnels 1.6 Miles
Roads paved 2.28 Miles
Sidewalks 10.19 Miles
Paved parking lots 56.2 acres
Gravel parking lots 1.08 acres

Land Size
Farm/ ranch* 4,017 acres
Other specialty land* 53 acres

*Farm/ ranch land of 4,017 acres at Baker's Acres, Shealy Farm, Darr Agricultural Center, The Woodlands, Kindrick Family Farm, and Journagan Ranch are used as teaching and research properties. 

**Other specialty land of 53 acres is Bull Shoals and Baker Observatory.