GEP 101 Student Learning Outcomes

Course Goals & Objectives

*Course goals and objectives revised and approved by First-Year Council, Spring 2013

Goal 1:

Students will develop the necessary skills to be academically successful and will understand the role of scholarship in the University and in larger society.

Objective A1: Students will develop information literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills in an academic area by successfully completing a research project or scholarly paper and orally presenting a summary of findings.

Objective B1: Students will develop knowledge and skills related to student success. (e.g., Goal Setting, Learning Styles, Study Skills, Time Management, Personal Finance, Graduation Plans, etc.)

Objective C1: Students will follow policies and practices of academic integrity and ethical behavior expected in the academic community.

Goal 2:

Students will comprehend the importance of the University’s Public Affairs Mission, which includes community engagement, cultural competence, and ethical leadership.

Objective A2: Students will be able to articulate and apply the University’s Public Affairs Mission through assorted activities/assignments.

Objective B2: Students will create a collaborative group project, presentation, or participate in a service activity that illustrates the connection of the Public Affairs Mission to an academic course topic.

Objective C2: Students will be exposed to divergent perspectives in order to build an understanding of how diverse ideas strengthen a community.

Goal 3:

Students will establish campus connections and a supportive network of faculty, staff, and other students to facilitate a successful transition to the university.

Objective A3: Students will identify avenues for participation in student organizations and co-curricular activities.

Objective B3: Students will establish effective working relationships with their instructors, academic advisor, and other campus personnel as necessary.