How much will I be paid?

GEP 101 Compensation Schedule:
Classification of Faculty/Staff Compensation per Section
Professor $3,200
Associate Professor $2,800
Assistant Professor $2,400
Instructors/non-tenure track/per course $2,400
Staff with doctorate $2,400
Staff with masters $2,400

Exceptions: Some faculty/staff teach as part of job duty. E.g., Deans, academic department heads, some academic advisors, etc.

How will I be paid?

Instructors may choose supplemental pay or transfer of funds to department. Typically, instructors who choose transfer of funds are eligible to use these funds for conference travel, etc. Note: This is at the discretion of the appropriate department head/administrator. Faculty may not direct the use of their own funds per IRS tax policies.

What are the GEP 101 course goals and objectives?

Goal 1:

Students will develop the necessary skills to be academically successful and will understand the role of scholarship in the University and in larger society.

Objective A1: Students will develop information literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills in an academic area by successfully completing a research project or scholarly paper and orally presenting a summary of findings.

Objective B1: Students will develop knowledge and skills related to student success. (e.g., Goal Setting, Learning Styles, Study Skills, Time Management, Personal Finance, Graduation Plans, etc.)

Objective C1: Students will follow policies and practices of academic integrity and ethical behavior expected in the academic community.

Goal 2:

Students will comprehend the importance of the University’s Public Affairs Mission, which includes community engagement, cultural competence, and ethical leadership.

Objective A2: Students will be able to articulate and apply the University’s Public Affairs Mission through assorted activities/assignments.

Objective B2: Students will create a collaborative group project, presentation, or participate in a service activity that illustrates the connection of the Public Affairs Mission to an academic course topic.

Objective C2: Students will be exposed to divergent perspectives in order to build an understanding of how diverse ideas strengthen a community.

Goal 3:

Students will establish campus connections and a supportive network of faculty, staff, and other students to facilitate a successful transition to the university.

Objective A3: Students will identify avenues for participation in student organizations and co-curricular activities.

Objective B3: Students will establish effective working relationships with their instructors, academic advisor, and other campus personnel as necessary.

*Course goals and objectives revised and approved by First-Year Council, Spring 2013

Catalog Description

An integrative and interdisciplinary seminar designed to introduce students to the public affairs mission, improve students' academic skills, develop a foundational knowledge of university resources, and facilitate students' successful transition to Missouri State University's community of scholars. Required of all students with fewer than 24 credit hours earned post high school. Must be taken during students' first semester. Honors students must substitute UHC 110 for this class.