First-Year Programs Advisory Council 2018-2019

Rotating Members

Dr. Denise Baumann, Student Affairs (member through 2020)

Mr. Mark Biggs, COAL (member through 2019)

Ms. Sierra Chitwood, Student Representative, COM major, Sign Language minor

Dr. Jeffrey Cornelius-White, COE (member through 2020)

Dr. Tom Dicke, CHPA (member through 2019) 

Dr. Clay Franklin, CHHS (member through 2019)

Ms. Crystal Gale, LIBR (member through 2020)

Mr. Scott Handley, Honors College (member through 2020)

Dr. Stephanie Hein, CNAS (member through 2020)

Dr. Cathy VanLanduyt, COB (member through 2019)

Mr. Joshua Vogel, Student Representative, Biomedical Sciences major, ECO and CHM minor

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Rachelle Darabi, Associate Provost, Student Development and Public Affairs (standing member)

Dr. Kelly Wood, Executive Director, Center for Academic Success and Transition (standing member)

Dr. Tracey Glaessgen, Associate Director, Center for Academic Success and Transition (standing member)