Banner Finance


Access Control - FOAPAL Authorization

Access to Banner Finance is controlled by the budgetary authority responsible for their respective division. Cost Center administrators, Department Heads and individuals given a budget to manage can make requests through the FOAPAL Authorization process.

Administrative Banner

Finance functions are available to departments within the Finance Division and provides General Accounting, Budget and Position Control, Procurement, Approval Processing, Accounts Payable, Fixed Asset, and Research Accounting functions to the various Finance departments. Administrative Banner is mobile and ios friendly and can be accessed with a Virtual Private Network connection.

Self-Service Banner Resources

Finance Self-Service Banner (SSB) is available to authorized university department finance users only. SSB allows department users to review and manage their authorized budgets as well as initiate and approve requisitions for purchases to be charged against their budgets. Self-Service Banner Finance features resources available to departmental users who process purchases and monitor the budgeted balance available for those purchases.

Training Resources