Requesting or Returning Keys

Requesting keys

Only MSU faculty and staff can request keys. Students, graduate assistants, and general contractors will need to speak with the appropriate faculty or staff to be granted keys. Request a key by submitting the form, signed by an approving authority.

Retrieving keys

Upon approval, the request is automatically sent to key control. The requester will receive an email when their keys are ready for pick up.

The person named on the key request form must pick up and sign for any and all keys issued in their name. No other person may pick up or sign for any other person's keys.

Please allow five days for processing or ten days for processing at the beginning of each semester.

Returning keys

Students and graduate assistants may only keep keys to the current area in which they are employed. Upon graduation or when the job ends, all key privileges end with that department, unless an extension memo (memo granting permission to keep keys past expected graduation date or semester) is provided by the approving department head. If a student or graduate assistant gains employment with a new or different department, that department head becomes the approving authority for the new keys for the student or graduate assistant.

All students and graduate assistants will be encumbered for any keys not returned or if a memo of extension is not received in Key Control prior to graduation date. The encumbrances will only prevent the release of transcripts. Encumbrance will not prevent class registration. An approving department head can request an encumbrance be placed against a student or graduate assistant at any time for not returning keys.

All faculty, staff, students, graduate assistants, and general contractors must return keys to Key Control when the keys are no longer required. Do not turn keys over to an approving authority upon departure. If keys are turned into an approving authority and they fail to turn them in to Key Control, the person on record as having signed for the keys will still be held financially responsible.