Lost or Stolen Keys

If keys become lost or stolen, notify the Radio Communications Center immediately. You should file a lost/stolen key report.

We also encourage you to file a report with the Springfield Police Department.

If your keys are lost or stolen

In the event keys are lost or stolen, notify Key Control immediately and file a Lost/Stolen Key Report with University Safety.  The report shall include all facts surrounding the loss or theft.  If the loss is due to a theft or alleged criminal activity, a police report must also be filed with the appropriate law enforcement jurisdiction and a copy of such report delivered to University Safety.

All fees for lost/stolen keys, must be paid for by the responsible key holder before replacement keys will be issued.  Fees will only be waived or allowed to be paid by other than the responsible key holder with approval by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

A request for such an exception shall be made to your immediate supervisor who, upon support, has the option to take your request through your chain of command up to the Vice President or Provost level.  With support from the applicable Vice President or the Provost, the request shall be submitted to the Director of Facilities Management for consideration.  The Director of Facilities Management shall make a recommendation to the Vice President for Administration and Finance based on circumstances of the loss or theft.

Exceptions will only be granted where appropriate protective measures were taken and the circumstances for loss were beyond the key holder’s control.

Fees for key loss or theft
Key type Cost
Maximum for contractor (for lost or stolen keys) $10,000.00
High security keys (Master keys) $500.00
Medium security keys (Sub-masters, campus labs, chemical
Labs, and Hammons Student Center box office)
Select sub-master key (a key that opens a limited number of multiple doors) $125.00
Exterior door key $50.00
Standard room key $25.00

Replacement keys

Replacement keys require a new key request be completed and submitted to Key Control (Exceptions would be keys broken in locks or non-working keys).

No person may possess more than one of the same key at a time unless authorized by the Director of University Safety or his designee.