Key Issue Policy

Op11.11 Key Request Guidelines/Key Issue Policy

A cooperative effort by the Facilities Management Department and the University Safety Department will create and maintain a keying system to ensure a reasonable balance of physical security and convenience to persons authorized to possess keys to university facilities.

The effective control and security of university buildings are necessary requirements for the safety and protection of university personnel and equipment. This policy is established for the issuance and security of university keys, which are the heart of an effective building security system.

All keys are property of the university. The duplication or transfer of any university key is strictly prohibited. Possession of keys without proper permission, duplication of keys, or loss of keys to the lock of any building or other property owned or leased by the university (or any agency thereof) will constitute suspension or revocation of key privileges and/or associated charges. In the event keys are lost or stolen, notify Key Control immediately and file a Lost/Stolen Key Report with University Safety.

Any request for a key must be submitted in accordance with the Key Issue Procedure. In accordance with G7.02-3 Employment Policies and Procedures, when a person leaves Missouri State University, keys must be turned in to the Key Control Office before property clearance forms will be signed.

Residence hall keys are issued through Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services.