Approving Authorities

Key request transactions cannot be processed without the current signature of approving authorities.

Authorized signature policy

The approving authority can only approve keys for areas under his/her supervision (building, area or department). Anyone who needs access to keys for an area under the supervision of another approving authority, must have the key request approved by the authority for that area.

Approving authorities can suspend or revoke key privileges of others. A notice in writing for the key holder and key control must be given.

Who are approving authorities?

  • College deans
  • Department heads
  • Directors
  • Vice presidents

Procedure for new approving authorities

You must give a list of departments and approving authorities, along with the signatures of each, to key control no later than September 30.

Complete the authorized departmental approver for key issuance form prior to the academic year, and submit it to facilities management. You will receive an email to confirm the names of those authorized to sign for your organization.

Key audit information

We conduct Key Audits annually. The goal is to verify that our Key Control records match actual holdings with each staff member, faculty and students.

We ask that each department take the following actions:

  1. Check to see if there is a sheet for each employee in your area that might have keys.
  2. Compare the list to actual keys held by each employee.
  3. Report all discrepancies, both additional keys held and keys that have possibly been turned in.
  4. Return these sheets when they are complete. Failure to return documents will be interpreted to mean that our records are accurate as written.