Short-Term and Contractor Key Issuance

Short-term key issuance

If you need a key for a short-term basis, you must check it out from the Radio Communications Center.

To check out keys, you must have written authorization from the approving authority on file. You must also leave your BearPass card or driver’s license at the office until the key is returned.

You must return keys the same day they are checked out. If not, your privileges may be suspended.

Contractor/consultant key issuance

Planning, design & construction or facilities management must submit an electronic key request form 48 hours in advance for all keys needed for general contractors. They must also provide a list of the general contractor personnel authorized to check out keys on a short-term basis.

This list will be in the Radio Communications Center. Anyone seeking a key must be on this list.

Receiving keys

A contractor or consultant will only receive a key with minimal access (i.e. an entry door key and a key to the room). The dispatcher or duty supervisor must have a picture ID from the person requesting the key for verification.

Contractors must ensure their subcontractors have access to the areas of work. They must open the work area and secure the work area when workers leave.

Returning keys

The consultant/contractor must return all keys to key control and the Radio Communications Center.

Planning, design & construction submits a property clearance to confirm all keys are returned. The form is signed by the key control officer and is returned to planning, design & construction by the consultant or contractor.

The consultant/contractor is financially responsible for all university keys issued or checked out to them. If keys become lost or stolen, a charge of up to $20,000, which may include the replacement of locks and keys, will follow.