Curriculum Innovation Mini-Grants

The Curriculum Innovation Mini-Grant Applications are Now Closed.

What faculty are saying about the Curriculum Innovation Mini-Grants:

Holly Holladay – MJF, COAL
Award: Camtasia (1 year license), USB Microphone
” . . . it's been relatively quick to create my 20-minute lectures, and very fast to do my weekly updates since they're all in one take . . . It has made such a difference in the quality of my course content, and I'll be able to use the videos I'm recording now for classes this summer.”

Damon Bassett – GGP, CNAS
Award: Digital Camera and GoPro HERO9
“ . . . developing virtual field experiences, [the] desire to provide better online experiences for students, we quickly realized that these tools could be used to make the geosciences more accessible as well.”

Kayla Lewis – RFT, COE
Award: Wacom Tablet and Document Camera
“ . . . so helpful in my teaching!”

There is now additional funding available for Curriculum innovation mini-grants. Awards are limited up to $1,200 per grant application.

Curriculum innovation mini-grants support faculty with ‘pivoting’ their courses during the ongoing Coronavirus. Funding is available for the purchase of software licenses for one-year. License renewals will be the responsibility of your department or academic program.

Computer workstations, laptops, or monitors are not funded through the Curriculum Innovation Mini-Grant program. This equipment is funded through your department or academic program.

Applicants must complete an application indicating:

  1. What one change do you want to make to your course? i.e., better engage students with the content, create more engaging video lectures, determine better strategies for blended instruction.
  2. What do you think might help you with this change? i.e., document camera or other video equipment, digital tools that will engage students, not sure.
  3. How will you know if you were successful in creating this change? i.e., I will see better scores, I will have more engaging course materials online, my students will be more satisfied with their learning experience.

Any equipment receive through this program will be Missouri State property intended to be used with your teaching and for official university use only.

Mini-Grants are one-time funding and faculty should consider ongoing costs such as annual subscription services.

The Curriculum Innovation Mini-Grant Applications are Now Closed.

Curriculum Innovation Mini-Grant online Application