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Watch your work benefit the world

Civil engineers help cities and communities reach their full potential.

If you’re creative, dedicated to the public and like turning plans into action, you’re made to be in this field.

What does a civil engineer do?

They create the paths and places that people inhabit.

Civil engineers make infrastructure and systems safe to use – roads, bridges, buildings, airports and more.

There are many moving parts. In civil engineering, you may:

  • Design foundations for buildings and structures.
  • Develop construction materials like asphalt, concrete and composites.
  • Manage projects, quality control and contract administration.
  • Move people and cargo from place to place.
  • Provide reliable and economical bridges, port facilities and intricate dams.
  • Provide safe drinking water, control flooding and runoff.

A key skill you’ll need: Communication. Civil engineers work with other engineers and the general public.

You’ll inform property owners, citizens, city officials, attorneys and others about project goals and address their concerns.

Major in civil engineering

How much money do civil engineers make?

Enjoy a well-paying career field where you have potential to grow.

Your salary may vary depending on where you live, work and how much experience you have.



Average annual salary for civil engineers.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Job growth


Projected job growth this decade for civil engineers.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Where can you work as a civil engineer?

Civil engineering is broad – there’s something for everyone.

You can work in the public or private sector and specialize in the area you most enjoy.

These areas include:

Where you can find our alumni

In Springfield and beyond, our alumni work in transportation, structure and public utility roles.

Local employers include:

  • Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc.
  • Anderson Engineering
  • City of Springfield
  • City Utilities
  • Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Liberty Utilities
  • Miller Engineering, P.C
  • Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)
  • Olsson
  • Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative
  • Toth and Associates