Plaster Student Union Policies for External Organizations

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Missouri State offers a comprehensive list of policies, which contains this policy in its entirety.

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Alcohol policy

There are a number of campus facilities that are frequently available for rental or the hosting of University special events, namely Plaster Student Union, the Kentwood Hall Crystal Room, and the Meyer Alumni Center Hospitality Room. Groups and organizations that reserve University facilities for special events through Event and Meeting Services may request that the event catering include the service of beer and/or wine. Such catering may only be performed by the University’s dining services provider. Requests for alcoholic beverage service will only be considered when access to the event is limited and can be carefully monitored for compliance with alcohol beverage laws and ordinances

Damage policy

It is expected that all clients who use the University facilities will treat them with great care. Any damage to equipment or to the facility should be reported immediately to the Building Manager or Student Union management so that any necessary repairs can be made.

The Event and Meeting Services Office will determine the cause and seriousness of the damage, and any repair or replacement costs will be discussed and assessed accordingly.


Decorations for an event must not pose fire or other health & safety risks, or damage any University property. Appropriate placement is important to ensure proper facility maintenance and compliance with city codes. Decorations should be placed in designated areas only. Material cannot be suspended from the ceiling or light fixtures. Glue, thumbtacks, or adhesive cannot be used on wall surfaces. Only painters tape may be used on walls within rooms. Nothing may be affixed to walls in public areas. Exhibits that require open flame are prohibited. Failure to seek proper approval for decorations may result in their removal, and charges for any room damage they may have caused. Removal of all large decorations, props, and supplies immediately after an event is the responsibility of the client, and a storage fee will be assessed for any large decorations not completely removed. Live animals are not allowed as part of decorations.

Equipment (audio/visual)

The Event and Meeting Services Office has a limited amount of AV equipment available within the Union. This equipment can only be used in the PSU. There are charges for use of the PSU equipment. Arrangements must be made 10 days in advance for AV equipment availability and for Technician Assistance. Refer to the Audio/Visual page to see a list of available equipment and pricing.

Expressive activity (free speech)

Any non-University individual or group is welcome to share an opinion or viewpoint with the University community. Access for public forums is provided on the city sidewalks that run parallel to the city streets that surround and cross the campus, subject to relevant city ordinances, state and federal law. A map* of public forum locations and city streets and sidewalks is available through the Event and Meeting Services Office and university safety. Access is also provided at identified public forum locations.

Forums, rallies, demonstrations, and other similar expressive activities conducted by individuals and groups that are not members of the University community must be registered with the university safety (636 East Elm, phone 417-836-5509). The identified public forum locations are available for use or reservation by non-University individuals and groups. Access to the identified public forum locations is provided on a content neutral basis. Any denial of access will specify the reasons for which registration is denied, and offer an appeal procedure. The following time, place and manner parameters apply to public forum locations as well as to expressive activities of members of the University community in other locations.

For a complete explanation of this policy, please read the Expressive Activity Policy.


Off-campus clients are charged room rental by the half-day (up to 4 hours) or full day rate. Individual students/faculty/staff members can rent space in the Union for parties, bowling, and wedding receptions. Contact Event and Meeting Services for a quote on pricing.

After-hour fees

All groups wanting to use the Plaster Student Union outside the regular building hours will pay for a building manager to open the building and be present during the groups entire event including set up and tear down.

Set-up fees

All meeting rooms in the Plaster Student Union have a standard setup. When a client uses a standard setup for their meeting, there is no charge. If a group requests a non-standard setup, labor charges will be applied. Labor charges always apply to the Ballroom, which has no standard set up.

Audio/visual technical fees

Plaster Student Union technical equipment is also available to be rented. Some equipment that is more comprehensive in nature (large sound system, theatrical lights, etc.) will require a Student Union employee to operate it at an additional labor cost. Use of the PSU Theater and Ballroom always incurs a labor charge for a technician to operate its equipment.

Fire/open flame policy

No candles or other open flames are allowed in the Plaster Student Union. An exception is granted for events in which candles are used as centerpieces and are contained in glassware


All food served in the Plaster Student Union OR at events booked through the Event and Meeting Services Office elsewhere on campus must be provided by Missouri State Catering or through a PSU vendor or affiliate.

Arrangements with Catering can be made through the Event and Meeting Services Office.


All organizations must assess liability and insurance concerns when they utilize space on the Missouri State University campus. Any non-University caterer or vendor must provide an original certificate of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance in liability limits of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) naming the Board of Governors of Missouri State University and its employees as additional insured’s prior to confirmation of a reservation.


The Event and Meeting Services Office will work with clients to determine parking needs related to an event, and will make all arrangements with Parking Administration for space needs for those without University Parking passes. For most events in the Plaster Student Union, attendees may park in the Visitors Lot on National Avenue or park at Bear Park North on Elm Street and ride the University shuttle to the Union shuttle stop. Parking generally carries a charge for off-campus attendees.

Payment for services

Clients are expected to pay for services promptly. Non-university organizations will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit for their scheduled event during the confirmation process, and should pay invoices after receiving a statement from the University.

Reservation timeline

Union space

All organizations may reserve meeting rooms and programming space in Plaster Student Union for up to one year in advance. Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. The Assistant to Vice President of Student Affairs /Director of the Student Union must approve requests for reservations more than one year in advance. Confirmation of reservation will be sent within 48 hours of request.

Event details deadline

All groups requiring audio/visual equipment, outside power needs, or any special set up needs must have all final details to the Event and Meeting Services Office ten (10) days prior to their event date. Any groups that provide this information nine (9) days or less may not be guaranteed that their needs can be met.

Security officers

Some events held on the campus may require that the sponsoring organization hire security officers to oversee the event to ensure that a safe environment is maintained. Any organization wishing to have security at an event may do so. Requirements to provide security for a particular event will be assessed jointly by the Safety, Student Engagement and Event and Meeting Services offices. Determination of security needs will be based upon expected attendance, the history of the Sponsoring Organization, the nature of the event, the date selected, and other factors. The Event and Meeting Services Office will help the Sponsoring Organization to hire security officers. The cost of such services will be billed by Event and Meeting Services to the Sponsoring Organization. In addition, Sponsoring Organizations are responsible for maintaining control of the entrance doors to the event, and using ushers in aisles if necessary. Crowd control should be discussed with the Event and Meeting Services Office in advance.