Missouri State University Policies for External Organizations

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Alcohol policy

There are a number of campus facilities that are frequently available for rental or the hosting of University special events, namely Plaster Student Union, the Kentwood Hall Crystal Room, and the Meyer Alumni Center Hospitality Room. Groups and organizations that reserve University facilities for special events through Event and Meeting Services may request that the event catering include the service of beer and/or wine. Such catering may only be performed by the University’s dining services provider. Requests for alcoholic beverage service will only be considered when access to the event is limited and can be carefully monitored for compliance with alcohol beverage laws and ordinances.

Animal policy

With the exception of guide or service dogs, or security dogs with handlers, no animals are allowed within Plaster Student Union. The Director must approve exceptions to this policy, such as requests to allow animals into the Union for educational purposes.

Bicycles, skates and skateboards policy

For the safety of all, the use of bicycles, skateboards, in-line or roller skates is not allowed within the Union. Bicycles may be ridden on University bike paths and should be parked in the bicycle racks provided by the University. Skating is allowed on campus, but must not present any risk of injury to persons or damage to property. Skateboarding is not allowed on the Missouri State University campus. MSU Police officers may park bicycles inside the building, behind the information desk. This exception was approved to help secure the equipment carried on the bicycles.

Fire/open flame policy

No candles or other open flames are allowed in the Plaster Student Union. An exception is granted for events in which candles are used as centerpieces and are contained in glassware


All organizations must assess liability and insurance concerns when they utilize space on the Missouri State University campus. Student organizations and University departments will work directly with the Event and Meeting Services Office to assess special insurance needs. Any non-University caterer or vendor must provide an original certificate of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance in liability limits of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) naming the Board of Governors of Missouri State University and its employees as additional insured’s prior to confirmation of a reservation. Student organizations or University departments selling products they have produced themselves are not required to provide insurance unless the product is potentially hazardous in the opinion of the Event and Meeting Services Office.

Press, media, etc.

Press conferences on University property must be arranged in advance through University Communications. If an event is full to overflow capacity, and guests are being turned away at the door, the press must still be allowed into the facility, room, etc. (per Deans meeting 9/24/02). Broadcast media may need to use a Mult Box (equipment that allows TV stations to record the sound signal directly from the sound system). A Mult Box is available through University Communications.

All event and meeting policies

See Op11.04 Event and Meeting Polices for all event and meeting policies.