MEGA Fee Waiver for Test Registration


ATTENTION: There are no more vouchers available for the 2019-2020 year.  When vouchers for the 2020-2021 year become available (usually August or September), this site will be updated.  


  • Student must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate education program.
  • The registered test must be required for certification.
  • Students are only allowed one fee waiver voucher per test.
  • Fee waiver requests are processed based on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Students are eligible for fee waivers up to $150.00 maximum during a calendar year or as long as there are funds.

Questions should be directed to Professional Education Services at 417-836-8772 or

Requesting a Waiver

A fee waiver request must be made PRIOR to registration for the required assessment, because the voucher code issued will be entered when paying for the assessment on the Pearson website.

To be considered for a $50.00 or $75.00 fee waiver for a test, submit a completed Fee Waiver Request Form to the Professional Education Services office. The form can be emailed to Once the request is received, if vouchers are still available, a one-time voucher with a code to enter when paying for the assessment on the Pearson website will be emailed. 

*Please note: Pearson cancellation policy must be followed in order to receive a refund for registration fees.  If this policy is not followed, registration fees will not be refunded, and the fee waiver will also be lost.  In this case, Missouri State will not grant a second fee waiver voucher for the same test.

View the Fee Waiver Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Person Fee Waiver Voucher for test preparation materials? 

No, Pearson has limited the use of these vouchers to registration for the MoGEA and MoCA exams. If you add test preparation materials to your shopping cart when registering and then try to pay with a voucher, it will only apply to the registrations.

How many vouchers can I request in an academic year? 

You can request up to $150.00 in vouchers in one year, but you must be completing the assessments within that year. Please do NOT request a voucher during the current academic year for a test you will be taking next year. The vouchers do expire in August each year.

Can I use the voucher on multiple registrations at different times? 

No, these are "one-time use" vouchers. They do not work like a debit card. If you use a $75.00 voucher for a $50.00 registration, it will use the entire voucher. You cannot go back and use it again later for another $25.00 registration.