Transfer from Missouri to Out-of-State

Once you have completed one of our (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) MoDESE-approved teacher certification programs and have earned your Missouri Teachers Certificate, you can then begin the process of transferring that certification to another state. If you know ahead of time that you will be moving from Missouri to another state, we recommend that you check with the Department of Education in that state prior to enrollment in any of our programs to make sure that this certification will transfer from Missouri to your state. While some states will accept a valid Missouri Teaching Certificate in transfer with no additional coursework or tests, other states may require additional coursework, tests or both.

Because the transfer process varies from state to state, please contact the Department of Education in the state to which you are transferring for more details on the transfer of your certification. Most states will require that you complete an "Out of State" packet that will include a copy of your teaching certificate, official transcripts, a completed application, verification of tests taken (ACT, Praxis, etc.) and an "Institutional Verification Form". Missouri State can only complete the Institutional Verification form for the program(s) completed at Missouri State and the certification(s) resulting from completion of that program. Verification cannot be provided for certifications added by test or for completion of programs at other institutions. If your state requires that the institution where you completed your program complete an Institutional Verification Form, please complete your portion and email that form to the Teacher Certification office at  

Please include detailed instructions including:

  • Your name, address and phone number (if not on the form)
  • Instructions describing where you want the form sent. Some states require that the form be sent directly to the State Department of Education. Other states require that all materials be sent to the applicant and sent to the State in one complete packet.

If you have further questions regarding transfer of certification to another state, please contact the appropriate State Education Department listed below:

State Contact Information

State Office Name
Alabama State Department of Education
Alaska Alaska Department of Education & Early Development - Teacher Certification
Arizona Department of Education - Educator Certification
Arkansas Arkansas State Dept. of Ed. - Office of Educator Licensure
California California Commission on Teaching Credentialing
Colorado Colorado Department of Education - Educator Licensing Unit
Connecticut Connecticut State Dept. of Ed. - Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification
Delaware Department of Education - Licensure/Certification Office
District of Columbia Educator Licensure Services
Florida Florida Department of Education - Bureau of Educator Certification
Georgia Georgia Professional Standards Commission - Certification Section
Hawaii Hawaii Teacher Standards Board
Idaho State Dept. of Ed - Certification/Professional Standards Commission
Illinois State Board of Education - Division of Educator Certification
Indiana Indiana Department of Education - Office of Educator Licensing and Development
Iowa Iowa State Board of Education Examiners
Kansas Kansas State Department of Education - Teacher Education and Licensure
Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board - Division of Certification
Louisiana LA Dept. of Ed. - Division of Certification, Preparation, & Recruitment
Maine Department of Education - Administrator and Teacher Certification
Maryland Maryland State Department of Education - Certification Branch
Massachusetts Dept. of Ed. - Office of Educator Preparation
Michigan Michigan Dept. of Ed.
Minnesota Department of Education - Educator Licensing Office
Mississippi Mississippi Dept. of Ed.
Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education - Teacher Education and Certification
Montana Office of Public Instruction - Educator Licensure
Nebraska Department of Education - Teacher Education and Certification
Nevada Nevada Department of Education - Office of Teacher Licensure
New Hampshire New Hampshire Dept. of Ed. - Bureau of Credentialing
New Jersey Department of Education - Office of Teacher Licensure and Credentials
New Mexico New Mexico Public Education Department
New York New York State Education Department - Certification Unit
North Carolina NC Department of Public Instruction - Licensure Section
North Dakota North Dakota Department of Public Instruction - Education Standards and Practices Board
Ohio Ohio Dept. of Ed. - Office of Educator Licensure
Oklahoma Oklahoma State Dept. of Ed. - Teacher Certification
Oregon Teacher Standards & Practices Commission
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Education - Division of Certification Services
Rhode Island Rhode Island Dept. of Ed. - Office of Educator Quality and Certification
South Carolina South Carolina State Dept. of Ed. - Educator Licensure
South Dakota Department of Education and Cultural Affairs - Office of Accreditation and Certification
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Education - Office of Teacher Licensing
Texas Texas Education Agency - State Board of Education Certification
Utah Utah State Office of Education - Out of State Licensure
Vermont State Department of Education - Educator Licensing Office
Virginia Department of Education - Division of Teacher Education and Licensure
Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Administration - Professional Certification
West Virginia Department of Education - Office of Professional Preparation
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board