DESE FBI Fingerprinting National Background Check

This is not an MSU requirement. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires a background check for all certificates. The background check is valid for one year and must be valid at the time of certification. This background check is required even if students are working on a Provisional, Temporary, or Substitute Certificate. Students must be in compliance with this requirement before their practicum, internship, or student teaching begins. 

PLEASE NOTE: DESE FBI Fingerprinting is NOT the same as the MSU FBI MOVECHS Fingerprinting that was required for admission to teacher education. 

To complete DESE FBI Fingerprinting Background Check which is required for a substitute certificate and student teaching:

  1. Register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History System (MACHS) at be fingerprinted through IdentoGO.
  1. Select “Click here to Register with the Fingerprint Portal".
  2. Select "Click here to register with MACHS".
  3. Obtain a DESE FBI Fingerprinting background check using registration code 2301.
  4. Once the code is received, enter the fingerprinting registration code, and select "Enter".
  5. Select "OK" on the pop-up window and verify the ORI name listed. The ORI name should automatically display as Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. If the correct ORI name does not display, verify that the correct 4-digit registration code was entered.
  6. After ORI name is verified, enter data into the fields provided. When finished, select “Register”.
  7. Follow screen instructions through completion selecting the Register for Digital Fingerprinting Services option. PLEASE NOTE: Students located out of state should select Fingerprinting Card instead of the digital option since the digital option is not available to non-residents. Follow all instructions to complete the fingerprinting process.
  8. The cost of a DESE FBI fingerprinting background check is $41.75.
  9. The fingerprinting result will display on the DESE Educator Certification System profile and can be used for a Substitute Certificate and Initial Professional Certificate.
  10. Email a screenshot using these guidelines: In order to verify compliance of DESE FBI fingerprinting background check requirements, a full DESE profile screen shot including DESE's logo must be submitted to Start the screen shot at the top of the page with DESE's logo and capture the entire screen to include the fingerprinting background check information. Redact your SSN before emailing.
  11. When the fingerprinting result is received, it is entered in MSU Test Scores.
  12. If you have questions, please call 417-836-8772.

Note: Potential substitute teachers may now send the results of a criminal history background check and fingerprint collection to five K-12 school districts where they have submitted an application. The total amount of any fees for disseminating these results to up to five school districts (under this subsection, 168.021, RSMo.), will not exceed $50. Information from the Missouri Highway Patrol on how the process works can be found on the DESE fingerprinting and MACHS information webpages and in the Manual Fingerprint Instructions document. 

For questions about the manual fingerprint process, refer to Attachment A of the Manual Fingerprint Instructions document, or contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol at 573-526-6153 option 3, option 1, for the Record Check Processing Unit. 

Procedure for Monitoring and Processing FBI Fingerprinting Background Check Findings:

The Professional Education Services office processes MOVECHS FBI fingerprinting background checks and verifies the clearance date of DESE FBI background checks. In the event that there is a “finding” on a student’s record, students will not be allowed to begin their practicum, internship or student teaching until the student has been approved by the program/department to enter or re-enter the classroom.

If the student wishes to challenge the accuracy and completeness of information contained in the finding report, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol.