Faculty Advisors

Each trip is accompanied by two Staff or Faculty Advisor(s) serving as support for the team’s Trip Leaders during the implementation of the trip. Advisors will attend a training to prepare them for the role. Faculty/Staff Advisor main duties are to:

Respond to Emergencies - Faculty/Staff Advisors implement university policy, serve as the point person and university representative during any emergencies, and mind the health and safety of participants.

Advise Trip Leaders - Advisors stay behind the scenes, allowing site leaders to be the lead contact for community partners. When necessary, advisors can help to smooth over misunderstandings and strengthen relationships amongst student participants and community partners.

Act as a Role Model for Participants - Advisors participate fully in the Immersion experience, engaging in reflection, serving alongside students, attending pre-trip and post-trip meetings. Faculty/Staff Advisors can contribute their unique experiences with the social issue, provide perspective and support regarding cultural differences, and provide challenge and support to Trip Leaders during trip planning, and to participants during Immersion Trip reflections and service.

Deepen Learning and Engagement - Advisors often bring an experienced or academic perspective to reflections ad can challenge participants to think about what they have learned in different ways. They can also encourage participants to connect experiences to larger social structures and systems of inequality.

Coordinate Finances and Logistics - Exempt Faculty/Staff Advisors manage finances during the trip, including payment for gas, food, educational expenses, etc. The process for taking out a Travel Advance and completing an Expense Report is outlined in Advisor Training. Advisors will work side-by-side with Trip Leaders and the Immersion Program Advisors to determine expenses and to finalize a trip budget.

Serve as Drivers - Advisors are captains of the ship (minivan) during the Immersion Trip.


Look into Advising a Trip by contacting AlexJohnson@missouristate.edu