About the CCE

Sunny view of north side Plaster Student Union


The Center for Community Engagement (CCE), on Missouri State University’s campus, serves as an interdisciplinary hub for curricular and co-curricular engagement experiences. The Center is committed and works to deepen the University’s commitment to engagement by:

  • Enhancing faculty support for research and teaching activities associated with public interest
  • Establishing a system, University-wide, for providing students with articulated public engagement experiences that are tied to students’ academic goals and professional goals and ambitions
  • Expanding opportunities and ways for the University to gain community input and feedback regarding issues of public engagement
  • Strengthening the internal alignment and coordination of the University’s public engagement activities to foster and promote more collective community impact and capacity building


The vision of the CCE is to foster public engagement of all members of the Missouri State community. As a collective commitment, the CCE is committed to:

  • Reflecting the values of Missouri State University through a standard of high quality work
  • Empowering students and faculty and fostering their success
  • Understanding our audience(s) and communicating appropriately
  • Valuing reciprocal relationships (and collaborative work)
  • Shining a light on our strengths and weaknesses, and seeking ways to always improve
  • Having a positive presuppositions of others

Annual reports