Engaged Public Research

From the Faculty Handbook:  Engaged Public Research

Public Research supports the University's Public Affairs mission. It is Research integral to a
faculty member's academic discipline. It encompasses different forms of constructing knowledge
about, for, and with diverse publics and communities. Through a coherent, purposeful sequence of
activities, it contributes to the public good and yields outcomes of public and intellectual value.

The University recognizes that Engaged Public Research may be included in a department's tenure and
promotion policy if a department so chooses. If included in a department's policy, this scholarly
activity should involve a partnership with the public and/or private sector that enriches
knowledge, addresses and helps solve critical societal issues, and contributes to the public good.
The department’s governance documents should clarify how such Research will be evaluated.
Engaged Public Research includes Research focused on civic participation in public life,
participation by engaged scholars, and the impact of public scholarship on all constituencies.
Projects that advance Engaged Public Research must be subjected to critical academic peer review
and should include input from a rigorous review conducted by involved community partners who
collaborated with the public scholar. This input must assess the significance of
the project, the quality of the relationship, and the impact on public good.