Log Your Service

Service is defined as addressing or bringing awareness to a humanitarian or community issue through a non-profit or government agency.  Students' service hours logged through CampusLink will be verified by the Center for Community Engagement.

What counts as service? These guidelines will help you define what service is and what you can include for submissions.

Enhance your service through reflection! Here are some good resources and prompts.

Begin Logging

This will take you to CampusLink! Use the instructions on this page to submit your service.

Frequently asked questions

What if I am logging service hours for more than one organization or course?

Many students are part of FSL, GEP, a scholarship at the same time. In order to log your hours, you will need to make a separate submission for each membership. For example, you can create your first submission for GEP 101 (selecting your GEP section on the Add Service Hours page). Using the same information from that submission, you can then create a submission for your scholarship. Make sure that your submission adheres to the guidelines of your organization.

My submission has been denied.  What's the deal? 

Here are the most common reasons:

  1. Service does not adhere to the General Requirements. To summarize, approved service is "addressing or bringing awareness to a humanitarian or community issue through a non-profit agency." Review the detailed guidelines. When in doubt, ask your instructor or call the CCE at 417-836-5774.
  2. The "Add Service Hours" form wasn't filled out completely.  Make sure to have contact information from your non-profit partner and communicate that your service was addressing a humanitarian or community issue. If your submission is denied, you can always check it on CampusLink Service Hours page to see the reason.

I've submitted my hours, and now they are pending.  What do I do now?

Your service submission is now being reviewed by the Center for Community Engagement to verify that it meets the General Guidelines.

How long will it take for my hours to be approved?

Typically, it will take one week for a service submission to be approved.

I have submitted the full amount of hours to renew my scholarship. What now?

First, verify that all of your hours have been approved by viewing your Co-Curricular Transcript. Next, notify the Scholarship Office of your completion.

I am passionate about serving with a non-profit during the summer.  Will these hours count?

Yes, as long as they adhere to the General Guidelines (addressing or bringing awareness to a humanitarian or community issue through a non-profit or government agency.

I have not begun at Missouri State yet, but would like to begin logging service hours the summer before classes begin.  Is this possible?

No, in order to be included for scholarships, GEP, etc, your hours must be completed during your college experience.

How do I find a community partner that fits my passions and skills?

Come by the Center fr Community Engagement to chat with one of our staff members about local agencies, service-learning, trips, etc. You can also visit GivePulse to find agencies that might be of interest to you. If you follow MOStateCCE on social media, you will find many upcoming opportunities.

Reflection prompts

Consider these prompts while you fill in the description section of your submission. Reflection allows you to think critically about your experience.


What happened at your service site? What did you do? What did you observe? What community issue is being addressed?

So What?

What did you learn? What stood out to you? Did you utilize any new skills? Did you utilize your strengths or your major? Why was your service significant?

Now What?

How will this service experience shape the way you make decisions in the future? What seems to be the root cause of the issue being addressed? How can you apply the knowledge you have gained from this service to your future career?