1-credit service-learning

Component 1-credit midterm timesheets due | Fall 2022

Students enrolled in component, 1-credit service-learning courses must submit their first of two timesheets by Monday, October 17. Please include your name, placement and placement organization. 

Scan or take a photo of the timesheet and submit it to servicelearning@missouristate.edu.

You do not have to have all 40 hours completed on this timesheet. You also do not need signatures at this point. Just submit what you have done so far. 

Also known as "volunteering for credit," a 1-credit service-learning course is a semester-long, internship-like experience. 

  • Connect to a course you're in or have taken before
  • Complete 40 hours of service thoughout the semester
  • Partner with an organization in the community
  • Earn a credit for your transcript
  • Gain professional skills 

Requirements and Expectations


There are two assignments for 1-credit service learning students.

  • Assignment 1: 40 hours of service with a non-profit organization, school, or government agency. To find out what qualifies as service, please use these guidelines found on this page:
  • Assignment 2: Reflection assignment. This is often a journal, but can be something different. This is assigned by your service-learning professor and due back to them at the end of the semester. The goal of the reflective assignment is to inform you professor about what things you did, what you learned from the experiences, and what your internal dialogue was. Make connections to the public affairs mission, if you can.

For Honor's College (UHC) students, you may also be asked to:

  • Do additional readings
  • Meet with your professor throughout the semester
    • Complete a final academic project or portfolio piece

Refer to the Honor’s College for more detail about these requirements.


As a service-learner, you may share in privileged information. You may learn information about clients or patients which is covered by rules of confidentiality. Speak to your supervisor to discuss how the obligations of confidentiality may apply to you. Do not reveal or discuss information about clients or patients without permission of the professionals for whom you are working.

Academic integrity

Missouri State University is a community of scholars committed to developing educated persons who accept the responsibility to practice personal and academic integrity. You are responsible for knowing and following the university’s Student Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures. You are also responsible for understanding and following any additional academic integrity policies specific to this class (as outlined by the instructor). Any student participating in any form of academic dishonesty will be subject to sanctions as described in this policy. If you are accused of violating this policy and are in the appeals process, you should continue participating in the class.


You are expected to maintain professional conduct at all times as you are not only representing yourself, but representing Missouri State University, as well. Additionally, should you observe or hear of activities that are legally or morally questionable, you have a responsibility to report those activities to your Community Partner supervisor and your course instructor.

Additional tips

  • Make sure to show up when you’ve said you’ll be there.
    • Know who to contact at the organization if you come up with a true emergency and can’t be there.
  • Organizations don’t use our academic calendar.
    • Make arrangements with them ahead of time if you need or want to be gone during any of our scheduled breaks, such as fall, Thanksgiving, or spring break.
  • Contact your service-learning advisor if you come across any obstacle, or if you have any questions.
Explore placement opportunities

Browse the following placement opportunity videos in the dropdown below, each with a message from service-learning director, Dr. Kathy Nordyke. 

To learn more, send us an email at servicelearning@missouristate.edu