Service-Learning Assessment


Service-Learning Outcomes

Service-Learning Student Survey Outcomes Workbook

The service-learning student outcomes workbook summarizes the survey results from students that assesses critical thinking skills, communication skills, career and teamwork abilities, civic responsibility, academic development and educational success outcomes, and public affairs outcomes, as a result of completing service-learning courses.

The CASL Annual Report, along with information on the CASL website, highlights example courses and student projects from the past several years.

Additionally, this video on service-learning, among other videos accessible on the CASL home page, demonstrates how important faculty and students believe service-learning is at Missouri State University.


During the 2015-2016 academic year, Missouri State faculty offered 302 course sections of service-learning, taught by 196 course instructors, with an enrollment of 4,360 students. By the 2018-2019 academic year the number of course sections grew to 863 service-learning course sections taught by 368 course instructors, with an enrollment of some 8,800 plus students. Not only does service-learning help students to connect their course learning with real-world experiences, student service-learning experiences help to prepare them for career readiness, aligning service-learning student outcomes with the NACE Career Core Competencies to assist in preparing students for successful transition to the workplace.

Faculty Senate Report on CASL Activity 2020-2021

Faculty Senate Report on CASL Activity 2019-2020


2017 Carnegie Summary for Report from Community Partner Data



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