Mobile Credential

Your BearPass Card is now available on your mobile device, providing you with seamless access to various campus services. Experience the convenience of using your smartphone or smartwatch for opening doors, enjoying meals, and attending events across campus!

Your physical BearPass Card will continue to work after your mobile credential has been created.

Benefits of your Digital BearPass: 

  • Door Access: Tap your mobile device to access buildings and facilities across campus.
  • Dining Convenience: Enjoy meals with a simple tap at participating locations.
  • Event Attendance: Attend campus events effortlessly by using your digital BearPass.
  • Library Resource Access: Seamlessly enter the library and access resources with just a tap.
  • Recreation Center Entry: Use your digital BearPass for quick and easy entry to MSU’s recreation center. (Coming soon!)
  • Contactless Payments: Make secure and convenient payments at on-campus convenience stores and services with a simple tap.
  • Eco-friendly Option: Contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing the need for physical cards and paper processes.
  • Effortless Replacement: Should your BearPass be lost or damaged, replacement is a breeze—no physical card required, and no $25 replacement fee!

Maximize the potential of your Digital BearPass and explore a world of convenience and efficiency at Missouri State!

Getting Started

The links below contain the setup instructions for each platform.

Apple Wallet

Google Wallet

Samsung Wallet

Screenshot - Mobile Credential