Estimate Your Costs

College of Education has proposed a Bear POWER (Promoting Opportunities for Work, Education and Resilience) program fee of $4,035.00 per semester in addition to other costs of tuition, room and board, and other incidentals. 

All Bear POWER projected costs are estimated and may vary depending on MSU budget variation, the residence hall and meal plan the student chooses and the specific courses selected within the student’s program of study.

The Projected Program Cost below gives an example of a Bear POWER student choosing Hospitality Leadership as an “area of concentration” and shows specific examples of cost for Hutchens Housing and weekly meal plan (includes 19 meals per week). There are many other options for students to choose from regarding academic courses, residence halls and meal plans, this is just one example.

Bear POWER Projected Program Cost – Per Semester (Estimated) as of Fall 2022
Missouri Resident Non Missouri Resident
Academic Tuition - $1,602 ($267/credit hour) Academic Tuition - $3,432 ($572/credit hour)
Hutchens Housing and Meal Plan (19 per week) - $5,188 Hutchens Housing and Meal Plan (19 per week) - $5,188
Bear POWER Program Fee - $4,035 Bear POWER Program Fee - $4,035
Books & Supplies - $625 Books & Supplies - $625
TOTAL COST: $11,450 TOTAL COST: $13,280