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Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

"From cultural and linguistic proficiences to unbridled enthusiasm for study, to desperate anxiety about the challenges ahead, students vary. Reducing cognitive, linguistic, executive, and affective barriers is of vital importance as students negotiate college and university expectations differently, according to their widely ranging background experiences" (CAST website UDL in Higher Education).

UDL guidelines

Video of an overview of UDL in Higher Education

UDL on Campus

Faculty Guide Book: Supporting Faculty Teaching Inclusive Classes: "Professor Guide Book: Provides a program overview for professors, including staff contact information, outline of meaningful participation, information on academic course plans, student expectations, grading, peer partners, support for faculty, and frequently asked questions."

Universal Design for Learning in English Language Arts: Improving Literacy Instruction Through Inclusive Practices. Novak, K. (2023)

Inclusive Teaching and Relationships

Disability as a Valuable Form of Diversity, Not a Deficit

Online Teamwork and Collaboration video (5:39 minutes)

Rosario, P. (2023, February 21). Utilizing adult learning principles and Universal Design for learning to Advance Student Success. Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning. Retrieved March 6, 2023, from https://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/equality-inclusion-and-diversity/utilizing-adult-learning-principles-and-universal-design-for-learning-to-advance-student-success/

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