Bear POWER Ambassadors

Who are Bear POWER Ambassadors?

Bear POWER Ambassadors are Missouri State student volunteers who will provide individualized support and empower Bear POWER students in their college experiences. These peer mentors are undergraduate and graduate students who establish one-on-one relationships with Bear POWER students and engage with them both academically and socially.

Mission statement

Work hand in hand with Bear POWER students, providing support and integration within academic and social settings, through shared experiences leading to individual outcomes that prepares both Bear POWER students and Bear POWER Ambassadors to be successful in their chosen career paths.

How does Bear POWER Ambassadors work?

All Bear POWER Ambassadors will undergo an application process, training and background check before they are partnered with Bear POWER students. Bear POWER Ambassadors will meet throughout the week with students and will also be in constant contact with Bear POWER staff. Volunteer hours will vary based on student availability from week to week, but we ask that on average students are meeting for 2-3 hours per week.

Bear POWER Ambassadors will create a circle of support for the Bear POWER students with up to five volunteers working with each individual Bear POWER student in areas of academic, social and health/wellness. Connections like these help facilitate natural inclusion of all students within the college setting.

How can I become a Bear POWER Ambassador?

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Bear POWER Ambassador please email us at so we can add you to our contact list.