According to the Merriam-Wesbster Dictionary an advocate means, "one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group". Supporting students is important and valued! Advocacy doesn’t require specialized training or knowledge. It just requires working towards a solution for a purpose to help others. 

Bear POWER appreciates all MSU students, staff, faculty, and community members that advocate for our students and others that have disabilities. 

We want to acknowledge those that were awarded Advocate Awards from Bear POWER! Thank you for your commitment to advocate for individuals of all abilities and supportng students in the Bear POWER Program at Missouri State University. 

Year of Award Bear POWER Ambassador Staff Faculty Community Member

Jessee sitting on a blanket smiling

Jessee Cox



Jeff Jones, 

Access Advisor, Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Lyndsi smiling with arms crossed

Lyndsi Boysen, Graduate Assistant for Bear POWER

Liza Cobos, 

Faculty, School of Hospitality and Agri Leadership

Susie standing and smiling

Susan Dains, Abilities First & Bear POWER graduate


Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks

Aubrey Hardey

Dr. Denise Baumann

Dr. Denise Bauman, Residence Life


Tyler Nielsen

Face of Abbe Ehlers

Abbe Ehlers Emeritus Faculty

Mary Datema, faculty

Kristina Johnson, Vocational Rehabilitation

Jennifer Moore



Julianna Vogt

Lindsey Bell

Lauren Bennett

Lauren Bennett

Becky Meyers

Child Development Center

Speech & Language Clinic

face of Kunti Bentley

Kunti Bentley, Project Heal

face of Ashleigh Lewellen

Ashleigh Lewellen, Foster Recreation  Center

Breeana Slusher & Morgan, CC Graduate Assistants

Debbie Goodale, BUS 135

Darcy Stevens, faculty

Southern Missouri Containers, Inc

Mary Cleek

Grace Aman

Avery Brooks

Tim Lehmann Tim Lehmann, MSU DRC

face of Michael Frizell

Michael Frizell

MSU Advisement Center (Ross Hawkins & Team)

face of Korra Ackerson

Korra Ackerson, GEP 101 Instructor

Leslie Cockrum, faculty

Abilities First is dedicated to ensuring that people with developmental disabilities can experience full inclusion where they live, love, learn, work and play.  Maggie has experience as a business owner, child abuse and neglect investigator, behavioral therapist, case manager, human sexuality instructor and trainer, the former Greene County Educational Liaison, community organizing and now serves as the Director of the Community Education Program with Abilities First. Maggie received a bachelors at Evangel University in Human Services and a Master of Social Work at Missouri State University.  Community Education works toward growing more inclusive cultures in businesses, academic institutions, government entities, civic groups and non-profit organizations. This program is dedicated to ensuring all people have what they need to turn their abilities into opportunities.

Maggie Rollwagen, Abilities First

Xi Omicron Iota, MSU Sorority

Wonders of Wildlife building

Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium


Natalie Olsen


Emily Daily

David Hough, former COE Dean

Face of Chris Craig

Dr. Chris Craig, Deputy Provost


Shannon Holt Registrars Office

Dr. Rob Moore Financial Aid Office

face of Angela Strider

Angie Strider Residence Life

face of Kathy Nordyke

Katherine Nordyke, PhD, Director, Citizenship and Service-Learning (CASL) and Adjunct Faculty

Kim Roam, faculty

Elizabeth King

Dr. Elizabeth King, faculty

Deana Butcher, faculty