Reserving, Returning and Cancelling University Vehicles

Reserving a university vehicle

Reserve a vehicle using the vehicle leasing reservation form.

You may only use university vehicles for official university business.

A department head or other administrative supervisor reviews and approves your request. This is to ensure you’re protected under the provisions of the university liability insurance.

Who can reserve a university vehicle?

You can reserve a vehicle if you are an employee representing a university account with adequate funds for authorized university expenditure.

Due to state liability insurance requirements, students may not drive vehicles leased or owned by the university. The only exception: If the student is a university employee and their official duties require them to drive.

When should I make my reservation?

You can make reservations 90 days in advance for out-of-town travel or 30 days in advance for local travel.

What information do I need to make a reservation?

You must certify you have a valid driver’s license or commercial license (CDL), and provide the license number. Before making a reservation, please determine:

  • Date and time of return and pick-up
  • Destination
  • Driver’s name(s)and license number
  • Type of vehicle needed, and specify if the vehicle needs to be wheelchair accessible.

Returning a university vehicle

Return vehicles used on a trip to the vehicle leasing lot by the time indicated on the reservation form. Return the key packet at the same time of the vehicle.The charge for late returns is $100 per day.

When you return, submit a completed trip packet. Please include beginning and ending odometer readings, keys, credit cards, receipts and a note of any mechanical problems. 

Make sure you return the vehicle with a full tank of gas.

Cancelling vehicle reservations

Please contact the vehicle leasing office immediately if a reservation is cancelled. To avoid a charge equal to one day’s rental, make your cancellation within 24 hours of the pick-up time.