Use of Fuel Cards

Op9.09 Use of Fuel Cards

The university reduces the cost of fuel through the use of centralized purchases, resulting in fuel savings to all university departments. Transportation services administers the fuel card program.

Transportation services will:

  • Assign a PIN to users of university vehicles for use with fuel cards.
  • Secure and assign fuel cards to all university vehicles, including departmental vehicles.
  • Maintain a master list of issued cards.
  • Notify departments on a monthly basis their current charges/invoices are ready for review.
  • Be responsible for reviewing all charges/invoices, authorizing payment, and forwarding documentation to Financial Services for payment.
  • Charge the appropriate department based upon the monthly billing and forward the invoice to financial services for payment.

Use of fuel cards

  • Only items related to the operation of a university vehicle are to be purchased with university fuel cards.
  • Each driver must input the accurate vehicle mileage when purchasing fuel.
  • No university fuel card will be issued to purchase fuel for privately owned vehicles.
  • Reimbursement for travel expenses in connection with the use of privately owned vehicles will be in accordance with the university travel policy.

Departments with vehicles

  • Each driver will be assigned and use their PIN when using a fuel card.
  • The individual department will keep a copy of the fuel card receipt issued at the time of purchase for its own records.
  • Departments failing to approve fuel card charges in a timely manner will have the fuel cards deactivated until reporting requirements are satisfied.
  • Departments failing to report accurate mileage may have the fuel card for that particular vehicle deactivated until reporting requirements are satisfied.