Operation of Personal Automobiles on University Business

Op8.13 Operation of Personal Automobiles on University Business

Authorized use - The use of personal automobiles for official university purposes must be approved by the department head if mileage allowance is to be paid, or if, in case of an accident, a Workers Compensation claim is made. It is the responsibility of the department head to determine that each driver who is authorized to drive has a valid drivers license and appropriate insurance.

  • Accidents - A person who has been authorized to use a personal automobile for official university business is to follow the same procedures for the initial police report of an accident that apply to drivers of university vehicles (listed above). The driver must obtain all the required information, and notify the department head and the Transportation Services Office as soon as possible.
  • Medical Costs - If it is established that the driver was engaged in a work-related capacity and personal injuries resulted arising out of or in the course of employment, the driver may be eligible for Workers Compensation. Benefits under Workers Compensation are prescribed by the State of Missouri and not by the university. Employees in a work-related accident should contact the Office of Human Resources.

Insurance - The university does not have insurance that will provide coverage to an employee while they are using his/her personal vehicle on university business. The mileage allowance takes into consideration insurance, therefore the employee must file any claim through his/her insurance company. If employees frequently use their vehicles on university business, they are encouraged to consult with their insurance agent or broker.