Exercise and Movement Science


Exercise and Movement Science (Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

Admission requirements

Satisfaction of the following minimum criteria is required for admission to the program:

  1. A valid ACT score on file if required by the University for admission purposes
  2. A combined (Missouri State and transfer) GPA of 2.50 or higher
  3. Completion of COM 115 with a grade of "C" or higher, or concurrent enrollment in COM 115
  4. Completion of at least 30 credit hours

Program requirements

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
    Specific General Education Requirements: BIO 101(3) and 111(1), or BIO 121(4), or BMS 110(3) and 111(1); CHM 116(4) and 117(1) for Health Studies option or PHY 123(4) for Pre-Professional option; PSY 121(3); KIN 210(3)

  2. Major Requirements:

    1. Core Requirements (53-55 hours): Note: a grade of "C" or better is required in all KIN courses.
      BIO 101(3) and 111(1), or BIO 121(4), or BMS 110(3) and 111(1); PSY 121(3); KIN 250(3) or BMS 307(4); KIN 252(3) or BMS 308(4); KIN 212(1), 350(3), 360(4), 361(2), 362(4), 465(2), 468(4), 569(4); ATC 222(2) or KIN 253(2); BMS 240(3); PSY 200(3) or SOC 302(3) or MTH 340(3) or QBA 237(3) or AGR 330(3) or PSY 527(3); KIN 500(3) or KIN 491(3).

    2. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of KIN 500(3) or KIN 491(3).

    3. Select one of the following options:

      1. Health Studies (21-22 hours): Note: a grade of "C" or better is required in all KIN courses.
        CHM 116(4) and 117(1); KIN 256(2) or 358(3); KIN 257(2), 485(2), 550(3), 567(3); BMS 334(3); PSY 508(3); SWK 330(3)

      2. Pre-Professional (26-31 hours): MTH 138(5) or 181(3) or 261(5) or 287(3); PHY 123(4); CHM 160(4) and 161(1); CHM 170(3) and 171(1) or CHM 352(3) and 353(2); CHM 201(3) and 202(2) or 342(5); BIO 122(4) or 210(3) or 310(5); BMS 230(3) or; BIO 235(3) and 236(1); or PHY 124(4); PSY 304(3)
        Majors selecting this option should meet with an advisor to determine the most appropriate course selection. Those preparing for possible selection into a physician assistant program should take both CHM 170(3) and 171(1), and both CHM 352(3) and 353(2). Students preparing for clinical science should take BMS 307(4) and 308(4) for the anatomy and physiology requirement

    4. Students must pass the ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist Exam, or the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam, or score at least at the 70th percentile on a major field achievement exam.

    5. Students must pass a drug test and a background check to participate in required field experiences in clinical settings, in the workplace, and/or in schools.

    6. Student certification in first aid and CPR must be documented and maintained throughout the program.

    7. Transfer credit courses must have grade of "C" or better and be from a regionally accredited college or university.

    8. A combined (Missouri State and transfer) GPA of 2.50 or higher and a grade of "C" or better in all KIN courses is required for graduation.

  3. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

Accelerated graduate program in Health Promotion and Wellness Management

Eligible Missouri State undergraduate students may apply for admission to the Health Promotion and Wellness Management program and begin taking graduate course work as they complete the work for a bachelor’s degree. A maximum of 12 hours of graduate credit may be counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree (Mixed Credit). Refer to the Graduate Catalog for specific admission requirements.

Refer to Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Classes for additional information and procedures for obtaining permission for Mixed Credit.