Academic Policies and University Requirements

All Missouri State University policies regarding courses, programs, program accreditation, academic regulations and degree requirements are applicable regardless of delivery method or location.

Academic policies

In addition to satisfying all degree requirements below, students should be familiar with the University's Academic Policies and Procedures. These policies may change from year to year and such changes apply to all future, current, continuing, and returning students. Students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar if they have questions regarding an academic policy.

Components of a degree program

  1. General Education Program
  2. A major is the student's primary area of specialization. Many majors have options which are sub-sets of courses within the major that represent an even more specialized area of study. Students who select a major with options must choose from one of the options.
  3. A minor is the student's secondary area of specialization. Minors are required for all Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science majors identified as "non-comprehensive" and are optional for majors identified as "comprehensive". Minors are optional for all other degrees.
  4. The General Baccalaureate Degree Policies and Requirements include University-level requirements such as total hours, upper division, GPA, and residence requirements.
  5. All Bachelor of Arts degrees require a 27-hour core of courses.
  6. All Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Music Education degrees require completion of all Teacher Education requirements.