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James River

All registrations for Outdoor Adventures (OA) trips are handled through the OA Resource Center located on the lower level of the Foster Recreation Center. You can contact OA for more information about our Adventure Trips Program call 417-836-5904, or by visiting us at the FRC durring our opperational hours. Click here to see our hours of opperation. 

Summer 16 Trips

OA has three types of trips. We offer Day Trips, Overnight Trips, and Break Trips. Day Trips are a one day commitment, typically leaving on the morning listed and returning that evening. Overnight trips are camping trips where we sleep in tents and spend more than one day in momma nature. Break trips are the "big ones" usually more than 6 days in length. OA provides trip guides for every trip as well as transportation. The following equipment is provided on all overnight and break trips; tents, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, headlamp, cooking equipment, eating utensils, backpacks, canoes, kayaks. The best way to get more information about our trips is to come be the OA Office located on the Lower Level of the Foster Recreation Center. Check out the Trip List below! Still not convinced? Click here to see photos from out past Adventures, enjoy!

Date Location  Activity Type  Cost 
June 25th 

James River

Nixa MO

Day Kayaking $15
July 26th   

Hercules Glades 

Bradleyville MO

Day Hike  $15
July 16th   

James River

Nixa MO

Day Kayaking  $15

Day Trips


Day Kayaking Trips 

Dates:  June 25th and July 16th 

Location: James River and Finley Creek         Cost: $15    Departure: 9:00 AM 

 Take a break from the school stress and spend an afternoon soaking up some sun. Grab some friends and leisurely kayak the James River with Outdoor Adventures. We will be cruising 6-10 miles on the river and enjoying the spectacular scenery along the way. Bring a lunch and your favorite skipping stone for the afternoon picnic. Never kayaked before? That’s fine! Outdoor Adventures is prepared to teach you and your friends everything you need to know.


Hercules Glades 

Day Hike

Location: Hercules Glades         Date: June 26th           Cost: $15

Departure: 9:00 AM

Join Outdoor Adventures (OA) for a splendid day in the Hercules Glades Wilderness area. We will hike one of Missouri's hidden gems exploring desert like hill tops, scenic river beds, and maybe a swimming hole! All you need is your lunch for the day and water! For more information come to the Resource Center located on the Lower Level of the Foster Recreation Center. 



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