Outdoor Adventures Trips

Register for all trips at the Outdoor Adventures Center on the Lower Level of the Foster Recreation Center.

Embarking on your Next Adventure

For more than a decade, Outdoor Adventures has been taking members of the Missouri State University community on wilderness adventure trips aimed at providing opportunities to meet others, work with a group, learn new skills, enjoy nature and have fun! Outdoor Adventures employs student leaders who guide, instruct and facilitate these group activities. Check out some of our past trips by following this link,  https://www.flickr.com/photos/127490760@N06/albums 

Trip Details

The trips sponsored throughout any year vary in their duration: some are day trips, while others are longer and are usually scheduled during University breaks.

Most trips have a registration fee to cover transportation, guides, group equipment and other costs. This fee must be paid at the time of registration unless otherwise noted.

Unless otherwise noted, only current MSU students, faculty, and staff can participate in Outdoor Adventures programs. All participants are expected to adhere to Student Code of Conduct while attending OA programs.

Your attendance is also expected at a pre-trip meeting typically held the Wednesday afternoon before the trip.


Spring 16 Trips

OA has three types of trips. We offer Day Trips, Overnight Trips, and Break Trips. Day Trips are a one day commitment, typically leaving on the morning listed and returning that evening. Overnight trips are camping trips where we sleep in tents and spend more than one day in momma nature. Break trips are the "big ones" usually more than 6 days in length. OA provides trip guides for every trip as well as transportation. The following equipment is provided on all overnight and break trips; tents, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, headlamp, cooking equipment, eating utensils, backpacks, canoes, kayaks. The best way to get more information about our trips is to come be the OA Office located on the Lower Level of the Foster Recreation Center. Check out the Trip List below!

Spring 2016 Trip List
January 30th- Winter Day Hike @ Busiek State Forest
January 31st- Spelunking Trip (Caving)
February 6th-7th- Winter Camping Trip- Hercules Glades Wilderness
February 13th- Day Hike at the Buffalo River
March 5th-13th- Spring Break #1- Cumberland Island GA and Santa Fe FL
March 5th-13th- Spring Break # 2- Big Bend National Park
March 26th- Day Climbing Trip- Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
March 27th- Whitaker Point Day Hike
March 25th- 27th- Spring Holiday- Buffalo River Trail
April 2nd- James River Kayaking
April 16th- James River Kayaking
April 17th- Day Climbing Trip- Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
April 23rd- James River Kayaking
April 24th- Day Climbing Trip- Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
April 29th- May 1st- Ozark Trail Backpacking
April 30th- James River Kayaking 

Day Trips

Winter Day hike

Location: Busiek State Forest          Date: Jan 30th          Cost: $15         Departure: 9:00 AM

Tired of being cooped up all winter? Want to spend the day doing something fun being outside and in touch with momma nature? Join Outdoor Adventures for a day of hiking at Busiek State Forest! Just a stone’s throw away, Busiek State Forest has over 18 miles of creeks, hills, and glades for hiking. Join OA for the day as we try our best to get lost (JK, we rarely get lost) in this scenic area!


Day Spelunking Trip 

Date: January 31st       Cost: $15        Departure: 9:00 AM   

Did you know that Missouri is home an extensive network of caves? In fact, Missouri is one of the most prominent caving areas in the United States! Outdoor Adventures wants to show you some of these natural caverns. Come spend a day exploring the underground passages and rooms located just minutes away from Springfield. Formed over millions of years, each cave is an interesting piece of the subterranean puzzle! Safety equipment is provided by Outdoor Adventures, so all you need to experience underground adventure is yourself!          

Day Hike on the Buffalo River

Date: Febrary 13th            Cost: $15            Departure: 8:00 AM 

Don’t let winter keep you trapped indoors. Stretch your legs with Outdoor Adventures on a day-long hike along the rustic Buffalo River. Breathe in the beauty of the wilderness without the pesky ticks, mosquitos, and chiggers. Join us on the 8 mile hike along one of America’s most critically-acclaimed hiking destinations.

Whitaker Point Day Hike 

Cost: $15          Date: March 27th         Departure: 9:00 AM  

Picture gazing across miles of majestic Ozark Mountains from the best vantage point Mother Nature has to offer. Can you see yourself standing in ankle-deep water, peering up at a natural waterfall caused by the warm spring rains? Outdoor Adventures makes your dreams come true when they head to Whitaker Point and the Lost Valley waterfalls for a day. Whitaker point is arguable the best vantage point in all of the Ozarks, as it allows you to see for miles in almost every direction while you tower over the Ozarks. Lost Valley waterfalls flow most brilliantly during the spring, so don’t miss out on seeing them at their prime. Grab a friend, take a break from your normal routine, and come on an Adventure.


Day Kayaking Trips 

Dates:  April 2nd, April 3rd, April 16th , April 23rd,  April 30th,  May 1st 

Location: James River and Finley Creek         Cost: $15    Departure: 9:00 AM 

 Take a break from the school stress and spend an afternoon soaking up some sun. Grab some friends and leisurely kayak the James River with Outdoor Adventures. We will be cruising X miles on the river and enjoying the spectacular scenery along the way. Bring a lunch and your favorite skipping stone for the afternoon picnic. Never kayaked before? That’s fine! Outdoor Adventures is prepared to teach you and your friends everything you need to know.


Spring Climbing Trips 

Dates: March 26th,  April 17th, April 24th        Location: Horseshoe Canyon Ranch 

Cost: $15          Departure: 8:00 AM 

Climb the way climbing was intended: outdoors. Why should your climbing be artificial? Forget the neon holds of the rock wall and join Outdoor Adventures at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch for a day, where you’ll climb routes over 500 million years in the making. Don’t miss your chance to visit the most popular climbing attraction of the southern Ozarks. 


Overnight Trips 


Winter Campout 

Location: Hercules Glades Wilderness        Date: Feb 6th -7th        Cost: $20      

Departure: 9:00 AM, Saturday Morning             Pre-trip Meeting: Monday February 1st @ 7 PM

Hercules Glades, a true wilderness area located in the heart of Mark Twain National Forest, is a beautifully natural piece of land. In fact, no mechanized equipment is permitted within the boundaries of the wilderness area! This practice may seem extreme, but the result is a wholly natural setting that begs to be explored. Join Outdoor Adventures for a winter campout as we experience a retreat from the hustle and bustle of campus life! We will spend the night camping at the wilderness area and return to MSU the following day. 


Spring Holiday Backpacking

Location: Buffalo River Trail         Date: March 25th-27th            Cost: $40

Departure: 9:00 AM              Pre-trip Meeting: Monday, March 21st @ 7 PM

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself “I would really like to take a trip off of the beaten path”, or “ I would really like to hike 15 miles this weekend, but I have no idea where to go!”. Well then keep reading because we have an offer for you. Join Outdoor Adventures as we return to one of our favorite backpacking locations, the Buffalo River in Arkansas. We will spend three days and two nights along the scenic river with its iconic cliffs and waterfalls. Food, equipment, and transportation is provided, all you need to bring is your clothing. Check out this link for pictures from our previous adventure on the Buffalo. https://www.flickr.com/photos/127490760@N06/sets/72157648462384789

  Ozark Tral Backpacking 

Location: Ozark Trail/ Bell Mountain            Date: April 29th-May 1st                 Cost: $40 

Departure: Friday @ 12:00 PM             Pre-trip Meeting: April 25th @ 7 PM

Tag along with Outdoor Adventures on a weekend backpacking adventure! On this trip, we will be hiking a section of the Ozark Trail that cuts through the St. Francois Mountains in Southeast Missouri. More specifically, we will hike to the peak of Bell Mountain, the second highest point in Missouri. Our campsite for the final night is located near the high point, giving a beautiful view of the Ozarks. After breakfast, the group will hike back down the mountain, completing our loop by mid-day. Expect to arrive back at Missouri State University by 7PM on Sunday!

Break Trips 

Spring Break 1- Cumberland Island National Lakeshore/ Santa Fe River

Cost: $500       Date: March 5th- 13th         Pre-Trip Meeting: Monday, February 22nd 

Don’t waste your Spring Break in the same boring place. Have an adventure for a change! Outdoor Adventures has an affordable expedition to the eastern coast for you. Spend your vacation on a lush Georgian island and paddling on a crystal-clear river in Florida. Cumberland Island is Georgia’s largest barrier island with a rich history and an extensive variety of wildlife. Escape to this gem for three days of shady trees and sandy beaches. After that excursion, get your canoe wet on the rustic Santa Fe River. The river is naturally fed by several large springs that happen to make excellent swimming holes. Plan on seeing several fantastic species on the river, such as baby alligators, turtles, and manatees. Plan for your summer tan to start early, because you’ll get plenty of sun on the East Coast. Take your Spring Break to the next level with Outdoor Adventures. Don’t miss out, sign up today! 

Spring Break 2- Big Bend Backpacking 

Cost:$500       Date: March 5th-13th         Pre-trip Meeting: Monday, February 22nd 

If you’re looking for the adventure of your spring semester, you may have just stumbled upon it. Join Outdoor Adventures as we backpack through Big Bend National Park located in West Texas. We will be backpacking through Texas most beautiful, remote, and wild settings. We plan to summit the highest peak and spend each night under the open Texas sky. This trip will be strenuous and there are limited spots available. OA will be providing food, equipment, transportation and all of the permitting required for an adventure of this size.