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Register for all trips at the Outdoor Adventures Center on the Lower Level of the Foster Recreation Center. 

Embarking on your Next Adventure

For more than a decade, Outdoor Adventures has been taking members of the Missouri State University community on wilderness adventure trips aimed at providing opportunities to meet others, work with a group, learn new skills, enjoy nature and have fun! Outdoor Adventures employs student leaders who guide, instruct and facilitate these group activities.

Trip Details

The trips sponsored throughout any year vary in their duration: some are day trips, while others are longer and are usually scheduled during University breaks.

Most trips have a registration fee to cover transportation, guides, group equipment and other costs. This fee must be paid at the time of registration unless otherwise noted.

Unless otherwise noted, only current MSU students, faculty, and staff can participate in Outdoor Adventures programs. All participants are expected to adhere to Student Code of Conduct while attending OA programs.

Your attendance is also expected at a pre-trip meeting typically held the Wednesday afternoon before the trip.


Spring 2015 Trips

Winter Day Hike

Join Outdoor Adventures (OA) for a day of winter hiking at Busiek State Forest.  We will spend the day exploring the trails at this local hidden gem.  The only things you will need to bring are some warm clothes and your senese of adventure.

Date: February 7th
Time: Departs at 9AM
Cost: $15.00

Ice Silo Climbing

Join Outdoor Adventures for a weekend of Silo Ice Climbing and indoor climbing!  We will be leaving Springfield on Friday afternoon and driving to Cedar Falls, Iowa, spending that Saturday ice climbing then warming up at the University of Northern Iowa's Wellness and Recreation Center.  Then we will spend the evening at UNI's 11 rope 40-foot rock wall and camp out at the wall.  Sunday before we return to Springfield (snow pending) we will be cross country skiing on the local trail around Cedar Falls.

Date: February 13th-15th
Pre-trip Meeting: Monday, February 9th at 5PM **MUST ATTEND
Cost: $90.00 + $40.00 cash for silo

Southeastern Adventure (Spring Break Trip 1)

Come enjoy warmer weather with Outdoor Adventures (OA) as we embark on a Southeastern Adventure!  We will be spending 3 days and 2 nights on Cumberland Island National Seashore, located off the coast of Georgia on the Atlantic Ocean.  We will hike through old growth forest and along the coast.  then we will head to the prehistoric landscape of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge spending 3 days and 2 nights in a wild swamp.  OA will provide all of the camping equipment, you just need food, clothing, and a sense of adventure!

Date: March 7th-15th
Pre-trip Meeting: Monday, March 2nd @ 5PM **MUST ATTEND
Cost: $400.00

Smokey Mountain Adventure (Spring Break Trip 2)

Join Outdoor Adventures as we explore the Great Smokey Mountain National Park in Gatlinburg Tennessee.  We will be hiking along the Appalachian Trail and visiting some of the most scenic landmarks in the Great Smokey Mountains.  OA will provide camping equipment, transportation, and all fees.  You just need to bring your food and clothing.

Date: March 7th-15th
Pre-trip Meeting: Monday, March 2nd @ 5PM **MUST ATTEND
Cost: $400.00

Fountain Red Bouldering

Join Outdoor Adventures (OA) for a day of bouldering in northern Arkansas.  Fountain Red has a high density of boulders with a large range of difficulty to suit all skill levels.  This will be an action packed day trip and we will return later than usual.  OA will provide all of the equipment, you just need food and clothing.

Date: March 28th and April 4th
Pre-trip Meeting: None
Cost: $30

Whitaker Point Day Hike

Join Outdoor Adventures (OA) for the day as we hike the scenic Buffalo River Trail in Northern Arkansas.  All you need to bring is food for the day and clothing.  Transportation will be provided.

Date: April 11th
Pre-trip Meeting: None
Cost: $20


Come and join Outdoor Adventures (OA) for a weekend of climbing in Horseshoe Canyon Ranch as well as meeting other collegiate climbers at this collegiate climbing conference.  We will spend Friday climbing, Saturday in conference blocks, and Sunday climbing until we decide to return to campus.  Come by the OA office, located in the lower level of the Foster Recreation Center for more information.

Date: April 17th-19th
Pre-trip Meeting: TBA
Cost: $35.00 + Registration

Jackson Falls Climbing

Join Outdoor Adventures (OA) for three days of climbing the best sandstone in Illinois!  Jackson Falls is home to scenic bluffs, waterfalls, and a wide range of climbing to fit all skill levels

Date: April 24th-26th
Pre-trip Meeting: Monday, April 20th @ 5pm *MUST ATTEND
Cost: $75.00

James River Kayaking

Join Outdoor Adventures (OA) for an easy day of kayaking on the James River. 

Date: April 25th
Pre-trip Meeting: None
Cost: $15.00

Buffalo River

Come join Outdoor Adventures (OA) as we backpack along the Buffalo River. We will spend one night camping on the trail, and two days backpacking along bluffs, waterfalls, and the scenic Buffalo River. We will provide backpacks, camping equipment, and transportation. All you need is clothing and a good pair of walking shoes. For more information stop by the OA office located in the Foster Recreation Center. *Must Attend Pre-trip meeting
Date: October 31st-November 11th
Departure: 9AM
Pre-trip Meeting: Monday, October 12th at 7PM
Cost: $40

Hercules Glades

Join Outdoor Adventures (OA) as we spend the day exploring Hercules Glades, located in the Mark Twain National Forest. We will hike along the small rivers and through the scenic river beds for the day. OA will provide transportation and guides for the day. All you need is food and water for the day. For more information stop by the OA Office located on the Lower Level of the Foster Recreation Center. There is no Pre-trip Meeting for this trip. Participants will be emailed the information.

Date: Saturday, November 7th
Departure: 9AM
Cost: $15

Thanksgiving Break Trip to Havasupai, Arches, and Canyonlands

Join Outdoor Adventures (OA) for our Thanksgiving Break Adventure! OA will be traveling to Arches National Park for one day, Canyonlands National Park for one day, Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) for one day, and spending 4 days in the Grand Canyon on the Havasupai Indian Reservation located just west of GCNP. This 9 day action packed adventure will visit some of America’s most iconic parks. For more information stop by the OA Office located on the Lower Level of the Foster Recreation Center. *Must Attend Pre-trip meeting

Date: November 11th-29th
Departure: TBD
Pre-trip Meeting: Monday, November 9th at 7PM
Cost: $500