Food Purchases

All food purchases below $100 are not allowed on the P-Card, regardless of the vendor or the event. Other food purchase guidelines are mentioned below.

On Campus Event:

o Above $200, a food service waiver needs to be obtained from Chartwells, and a copy of the waiver on file with the sales receipt.

Off Campus Event:

o If above $100 – Must complete, Food Purchases Hosting Document. Complete and send (via email) a copy of the document to Procurement Card Coordinator prior to the transaction. Also, must obtain an itemized sales receipt for the transaction. Will need to maintain a copy of the food purchases hosting document along with the sales receipt.

Procurement card NOT allowed for following Food transactions:

1. Alcoholic beverages.

2. Foundation-funded purchases.

3. Employee travel expenses that are reimbursable under the University's travel policy.

4. Hospitality or entertainment expenses.

5. Any food expenses incurred in regard to candidates.