The procedures set forth herein are intended to apply to the majority of Procurement Card purchases made by University personnel. A request for an exception should be sent in by the respective budgetary authority to the Procurement Card Coordinator in the form of an email. The request is then approved by the Director, Office of Procurement Services. If approved by Procurement Services, UMB Bank will be notified and a memo will be sent to the cardholder, Department Procurement Card Coordinator and Budgetary Authority. A printed copy of the memo should be kept on file with the other Procurement Card documents.

The exception process will be used in order to make changes to the monthly or single transaction limits either on a temporary or a permanent basis, when buying from a foreign vendor or paying for an otherwise non-allowable expense.

The Office of Procurement Services reserves the right to decline any request for an exception. If necessary, exceptions can be initiated by the Office of Procurement Services.