Nurse Educator Option

The nurse educator (NE) option prepares nurses at an advanced level to teach in a variety of academic and healthcare settings to diverse learners. The nursing education curriculum is delivered via online asynchronous format.

Careers and outcomes

Nurse educators work in classrooms, hospitals and community organizations.

The following degree plan is based on the graduate catalog.

First semester (fall)

CoursesCredit Hrs
NUR 701 Nursing Science 2
NUR 703 Population Health: A Local to Global Perspective 3
NUR 784 Technology in Health Care Education 2
PBH 710 Clinical Epidemiology 3
Total hours10

Second semester (spring)

CoursesCredit Hrs
NUR 765 Applications of Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NUR 772 Advanced Research Methods in Nursing 3
NUR 780 Teaching/Learning for Health Care Educators 3
Total hours9

Third semester (summer)

CoursesCredit Hrs
NUR 711 Advanced Roles and Leadership in Nursing 2
NUR 824 Health Policy to Improve Health Disparities 3
Total hours5

Fourth semester (fall)

CoursesCredit Hrs
NUR 761 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 3
NUR 781 Nursing Education Practicum 3
NUR 782 Program Development and Evaluation in Nursing Education 2
NUR 797 Capstone Project 1-3
Total hours10

Fifth semester (spring)

CoursesCredit Hrs
NUR 733 Advanced Physical Assessment and Health Promotion 4
NUR 787 Advanced Nursing Clinical Management 2-4
NUR 797 Capstone Project 1-3
Total hours9
Degree plan last reviewed 08-12-2019.