Submission Instructions

After following the Submission Guidelines, please follow these steps carefully to submit your work to LOGOS.

Gather additional materials

Obtain a professional-looking photograph of the author(s) in electronic format. This will be used if the work is published. Like all submitted images, the photo should have a resolution of at least 350 dpi/ppi. This should be attached to your submission email.

Print and fill out the Author's Agreement form (PDF), and then either scan, upload, and attach the form with your submission email or deliver a copy to the Honors College office. This form must be completed and provided to the Honors College in order for the submission to be eligible for publication.

Please provide an abstract for your work. It is most helpful to include this as the first page of the paper or in addition to the artist statement. 

Note: We DO NOT accept printed submissions. All projects must be submitted electronically over email and MUST be in a word doc format. Submissions themselves MAY NOT be PDFs.

Email the submission

  1. Complete the Submissions Guidelines checklist.
  2. Attach your submission, additional materials (including images), an author photograph, and abstract to an email. You can also attach your signed Author's Agreement to the email or deliver it in-person to the Honors College Office.      
    Note: If you do not want to or cannot email your submission and materials, you may submit a USB drive by mail or deliver it to the Honors College at the address below.
  3. Type “LOGOS Submission" in the email's subject line.
  4. Include the following information, ordered from a to e, in the body of the email:
    a. Title of the submission
    b. Class the submission was made for and faculty member who taught it
    c. Citation style used, if applicable. Indicate whether this project was submitted and approved by IRB.
    d. Author name(s) and department(s)
    e. Author contact information, including telephone number and most frequently checked email. If you are graduating soon, please provide an alternative email address as well.
  5. Send the email to
  6. Deliver the Author’s Agreement (PDF) to the Honors College at University Hall 212, scan it to send over email, or send it to the mailing address below.
         Honors College
         Missouri State University
         901 S. National Ave.
         Springfield, MO 65897
  7. Expect a follow-up email with additional instructions to submit your work through Blackboard by the submission deadline.