Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to submit?

Submissions are currently closed for Volume 17. The deadline changes each year, so be sure to check our site and social media to find out the date for each new volume. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, so if you submit after the deadline, your piece will be considered for the next volume.

Do I have to be in the Honors College to submit?

No! We accept submissions from anyone who has work from an undergraduate Missouri State class.

What are my chances of getting published?

We currently have a 16% acceptance rate.

Is it easy to get published?

We have high standards for our publication and look for the best scholarship among the submissions. Getting published isn't necessarily easy which makes it a great accomplishment.

Do I have to include an abstract?

Yes, we ask all authors who are selected for publication to provide abstracts to their pieces. See previous volumes for examples based on type of submission.

What if I have multiple things I want to submit?

Please do, the limit does not exist! We have no limit to the number of submissions per cycle by one author. We only ask that you do not submit one piece to multiple publications (i.e. simultaneous submissions).

How long will it take to hear back about my submission(s)?

Our peer reviewing takes place every spring semester. Then, pieces are sent to faculty reviewers over the spring and summer semesters. Our response time is summer to fall.

Can I submit work I completed at another university?

No. We only accept work completed for a Missouri State University or our West Plains campus undergraduate class.

Can I submit work I completed in a previous semester?

Absolutely. Submission eligibility does not depend on status. You can submit after you graduate, too.

Does it matter if I'm an undergraduate or graduate student if I want to submit?

As long as the work was created and submitted for a grade in an undergraduate Missouri State class, then you can submit it while you are a graduate student. Graduate work is not accepted for consideration. 

Can I edit a piece I completed in a previous semester before submitting?

Yes! You are encouraged to revise and edit your pieces before submitting. For more information and suggestions for preparing your work for submission, see our list of writing tips.

How do I become a peer reviewer?

If you are a current member of the Honors College, you are eligible to apply following the instructions on the Join Our Team page.

Does peer reviewing count for volunteer hours?

Absolutely. We have instructions to follow to submit these hours as volunteer hours.

What kind of submissions does LOGOS take?

Everything. From research to literature reviews to artwork to creative writing. We also accept performance pieces. See our Make page for more information. 

Can I submit a piece I worked on with a faculty member?

Yes! We encourage students and faculty to submit a co-authored piece and have previously published many of these.

I am a high school student with dual enrollment at Missouri State University. Can I submit my work to LOGOS?

No, we require students to be classed as degree-seeking in order to qualify for publication. Dual enrollment students, students spending a semester abroad at Missouri State, and nondegree-seeking students are not eligible to submit. 

I am a member of the International Student Community at Missouri State University. Can I submit my work to LOGOS?

Yes! As long as you are pursuing your undergraduate degree at Missouri State, you are welcome and encouraged to submit your work.

Can non-honors students hold any positions on LOGOS staff?

Yes. The Copy Editor intern position is open to any student regardless of honors status. We also sometimes accept graduate students to this role. Students not in the Honors College can sometimes also apply for the Social Marketing Editor position, though priority is granted to honors students and current LOGOS editorial staff.