What kind of work do we take?

We accept any work created in an undergraduate class at Missouri State for consideration. A student does not need to be currently enrolled, as long as the work was created while the author was a Missouri State undergraduate student. Additionally, the work must have been turned into an MSU faculty member for a grade. Faculty may also partner with students in submissions, but the student must be the primary author.

Please note submissions must be your original work. As a multidisciplinary journal, we welcome submissions from every field of study. This includes literature, astronomy, art, poetry, business, education, biology, history, and more. Submissions can take many forms, including the following:

  • Empirical research
  • Research that demonstrates new methods of serving or applying existing knowledge
  • Replications of previous works if executed in a thorough, scholarly manner. For example, a historical recreation of a famous experiment with commentary on scientific methods used at the time.
  • Exceptional review articles, essays, abridged versions of term papers, or other contributions based on primary or secondary sources
  • Short critical notes that show viewpoints or insights related to previously published work
  • Artistic production relatable to a recognized academic field. This includes, but is not exclusive to, creative writing, painting, ceramics, photography. Missouri State University views creative works as academic research.

For questions about what kinds of submissions we accept, email us at Check out our Submit page for instructions and our Publish page for copies of previous journals.