GA Timesheets

Op3.14 Graduate Assistant Time Records

The GA Timesheet form should be used by all Graduate Assistants (GAs) who are not Teaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants.

Graduate Teaching Assistants are those who are responsible for managing, instructing, and determining grades for credit and whose primary duty is teaching in an academic department. If the GA merely assists the professor with such things as grading papers, the GA will be considered a non-teaching GA and a timesheet will be required.

Graduate Research Assistants are those graduate students who are engaged in research in the course of obtaining advanced degrees and where the research is performed under the supervision of a member of the faculty in a research environment provided by the institution under a grant or contract.

The GA Timesheet form should be saved for use throughout the month. The Payroll website should be accessed periodically for updated versions of the form.

The saved form may be printed and completed by hand or completed electronically. Printing should be legible and in ink. The following information should be provided:

  1. In the highlighted text areas at the top of the form, enter your Name (Last, First, Middle Initial), Department, and the applicable Month and Year. Each month's work should be recorded on a separate form.
  2. In the small highlighted boxes in the corner of each calendar box, enter the proper dates for each day of the month. Note that the University workweek begins on Monday.
  3. In the highlighted areas within the calendar, provide times in and out for each uninterrupted period of work along with the hours worked during that time. Total hours for each day and for the week should also be provided. In and out times should be recorded to the nearest quarter hour indicating am/pm.

At the end of the month, sign and date the time record and submit to your supervisor for verification and signature.

Monthly timesheets should then be submitted to the Department Head for review, signature and retention. For any weeks of over 31 hours worked, a copy of the timesheet should be sent to Payroll on the first working day of the following month. If the week spans two months, copies of both months should be sent to Payroll as soon as possible.

Departments should retain time records for a minimum of three (3) years.

Completed forms are subject to random auditing. Departments that are out of compliance with these retention guidelines are subject to corrective actions that may include losing their right to hire graduate assistants.