Certification through Doctorate

An individual who has earned a doctoral degree (Ph.D., Ed.D., M.D., etc.) from an accredited institution may apply for Missouri certification based on the major area of post-graduate study. DESE will only grant a teaching certificate through doctorate for areas of Middle School (5-9) and Secondary (9-12) education. The certification areas offered are limited to the post graduate major area and must be a subject area for which there is a Missouri teaching certificate. For a list of the available certification areas, click here and choose either "Middle School (5-9)" or "Secondary Education (9-12)." DESE will not grant certification in Education Administration, School Counseling or any other teaching certificate through the "Certification through Doctorate" program.

You will be required to complete the Missouri Content Assessment (MCA) exam appropriate for the grade level you will be teaching. The following MCA exams must be completed as part of this process:

  • Middle School (5-9) certification: MCA exam, Test #062 Professional Knowledge - Middle School
  • Secondary Education (9-12) certification: MCA exam, Test # 063 Professional Knowledge - Secondary

To register for the appropriate MCA Exam, please visit our MCA exam website. It is highly recommended that you contact the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) before registering for a test to make sure your degree qualifies you for the rule. You can reach DSE personnel by calling 573-751-0051.

Once you have passed the appropriate Missouri Content Assessment and are ready to apply for your teaching certificate, please visit our Applying for your Certificate website and select Certification through Doctorate for detailed instructions.