MEGA Fee Waiver for Test Registration

A limited number of $25.00 and $50.00 fee waivers are available for enrolled undergraduate or graduate students who meet eligibility requirements. These fee waivers can be used to register for the MEP, MoGEA or MoCA. Because fewer $25.00 vouchers are available, only a limited number will be awarded to those taking the MEP. For fee waiver information on the MoPTA, please visit the MoPTA fee reduction website.

Vouchers for the 2017-2018 year are now available.  Apply below.


  • You must be receiving financial aid (grants or loans).
  • You must be an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student.
  • You must meet established income guidelines.
  • The registered test must be required by an authorized score recipient.
  • Students are only allowed one waiver voucher per test.
  • All fee waiver requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. You are eligible for fee waivers up to $150.00 maximum during a calendar year or as long as there are funds.

If you have any questions please contact Teacher Preparation Services at 417-836-5253 or

Requesting a Waiver

You must request a fee waiver PRIOR to registering for the required assessment. You will use the code on the voucher when paying for your assessment on the Pearson website.

To be considered for a $25.00 or $50.00 fee waiver for a test, submit a completed Fee Waiver Request Form to the Teacher Preparation Services Office. The form can be faxed to 417-836-5008 or emailed to Once submitted, you will be notified in 3-5 days regarding your eligibility. If eligible, you will be emailed a one-time voucher with a code to enter when paying for your assessment on the Pearson website. This voucher cannot be used to pay for Missouri State sitting fees associate with the MoGEA.

*Please note: Pearson requires you cancel or re-schedule your test 48 hours prior to the test date if you want a refund of your registration fees. If you cancel or re-schedule a test after the deadline and are not refunded the registration fees, you also lose your fee waiver. In this case, Missouri State will not grant a second fee waiver voucher for the same test.

View the Fee Waiver Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Fee Waiver Vouchers

Can I use the Pearson Fee Waiver Voucher for the MoPTA? 

No, MoPTA is administered by a different company. Please see the information at the top of this page for a link to the MoPTA fee reduction website.

Can I use the Person Fee Waiver Voucher for test preparation materials? 

No, Pearson has limited the use of these vouchers to registration for the MEP, MoGEA and MoCA exams. If you add test preparation materials to your shopping cart when registering and then try to pay with a voucher, it will only apply to the registrations.

How many vouchers can I request in an academic year? 

You can request up to $150.00 in vouchers in one year, but you must be completing the assessments within that year. Please do NOT request a voucher during the current academic year for a test you will be taking next year. The vouchers do expire in August each year.

Can I use the voucher on multiple registrations at different times? 

No, these are "one-time use" vouchers. They do not work like a debit card. If you use a $50.00 voucher for a $25.00 registration, it will use the entire voucher. You cannot go back and use it again later for another $25.00 registration.

I received an email that I am not eligible for a voucher after requesting one. What do I do? 

Missouri State gives first preference to students with an expected family contribution (EFC) of 0.00 on their financial aid. If you have an EFC over $1,000.00, you will not automatically qualify. If you get a denial email, you can follow the instructions in that email to provide additional justification for the request. If you can document a legitimate financial need (change in financial status, unexpected job change, change in support from parents, etc.) you may still receive a voucher.