Robberson Community

A female college student works with a young girl, caption: "prepare your future, inspire theirs"

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Students enrolled in service-learning courses create and implement educational after-school programs to K-5th Grade. Favorites include: Math LEGOLAND, Medical Explorers, Science Sleuth, STOMP Dance, History Detective, FENLE, and Spanish Club.

Service-learners pose with children in wearing medical scrubs and gear making goofy facesTwo MSU students instruct a line of Robberson elementary children

The Robberson Community School serves as a community hub for numerous activities and programs designed to provide support for not only the children who attend, but for the Robberson community as a whole. Programs include parent education classes, on-site medical clinics, tutoring, health care, mental/behavioral health services, etc. Parents play an active role in determining the most pressing needs. School officials work with area businesses, nonprofits, and the faith-based community to help meet these needs.

Service-learning students from multiple academic areas partner with Robberson, addressing one of CASL’s long-term goals of providing greater impact and value to agencies by pooling service-learning resources from various academic departments.

A few After-School Programs implemented by MSU service-learning students have included:

  • Math LEGOLAND - Math students work with the students to create and build their Springfield community out of Legos and as part of the program, identify issues within their community that they can contribute to providing a solution
  • STOMP Dance Exercise and Fitness – Students enrolled in Theater and Dance
  • Young Detective Club – provided by students enrolled in Criminology courses
  • Spanish Club – students enrolled in Spanish courses
  • Tutoring programs – students enrolled in math and reading
  • STEM activities – provided by our Biology, Chemistry, and Physics students