Faculty and Staff

Natalie B. Allen

Teaching: Nutrition through the LifespanNutrition Education/CommunicationMedical Nutrition TherapySports Nutrition

Rebecca L. Allen

BMS Laboratory Coordinator

Kathy S. Beberniss

Per Course instructor, Dietetics

Lisa M. Bonner

Lisa M. Bonner

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Carmen Boyd

Teaching: Introduction to Dietetics; Senior Seminar; Community Nutrition; Food and Culture; World Hunger; Beef: it's what's for dinner; In Search of the Seven Species; Choose MyPlate; Dietary Guidelines; other topics courses.

Dr. Amanda C. Brodeur

Teaching: Human Genetics
Advising: Cell and Molecular Biology; Genetics and Genetic Counseling; Pre-medicine; Pre-physician assistant

Patrick Brooks

Assistant Professor

Paul J. Cameron

Teaching: Human Physiology Laboratory

Shannon R. Crosby

Per Course instructor, Dietetics

Jaime Gnau

Clinical Instructor

Dr. Richard C. Garrad

Teaching: Molecular cell biology; signal transduction; molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis; senior seminar; current literature topics

Dr. Amy E. Hulme

Assistant Professor

David R. Johnson

David R. Johnson

Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist

Per Course instructor

Dr. Anne Marie Hunter

Teaching: Introduction to Nutrition, Community and Service Learning in the Biomedical Sciences, Medical Nutrition Therapy I, Medical Nutrition Therapy II; Introduction to Research in Dietetics

Dallas S. Massey

Per Course instructor, Concepts and Issues in the Life Sciences

Sarah E. Murray

Sarah E. Murray

Senior Instructor
Dietetics Program Director

Teaching: Introduction to nutrition; food selection and preparation for health; nutrition throughout the lifespan; food safety certification course; heart healthy cooking series

Dr. Daniela Novotny

Teaching: Introduction to Nutrition; Introduction to Nutrition Assessment and Sports Nutrition; Nutritional Assessment

Dr. Deborah K. Piland

Teaching Introduction to Nutrition and Food Science

Hillary L. Roberts

Hillary L. Roberts

Assistant Professor
Dietetic Internship Director

Teaching: Nutrition counseling; human nutrition and metabolism; nutrition education and communication

Dr. Joshua J. Smith

Teaching: Introduction to Biomedical Sciences; Pharmacology, and Recombinant DNA Techniques; Honors College section of Intro to Biomedical Sciences lecture and lab; Pre-pharmacy Society faculty advisor

Dr. Benjamin F. Timson

Teaching: Human physiology; introduction to biomedical biomechanics; physiology of exercise metabolism; research in the biomedical sciences; medical physiology

Dr. Jianjie Wang

Teaching: Human anatomy laboratory; physiology laboratory; undergraduate research; human cardiopulmonary physiology; neurobiology; medical physiology

Joseph P. Williams

Teaching: Concepts in biomedical sciences; human physiology lab; molecular cell biology lab; molecular biology lab; bioinformatics and biomedical resources

Dr. Helen C. Reid

Emeritus faculty - Dietetics