Faculty and Staff

Rebecca L. Allen

BMS Laboratory Coordinator

Kathy S. Beberniss

Per Course instructor, Dietetics

Natalie B. Allen

Teaching: Sports nutrition; medical nutrition therapy lab

Lisa M. Bonner

Lisa M. Bonner

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Carmen Boyd

Carmen Boyd

Assistant Professor
Dietetic Program Director

Teaching: Introduction to Dietetics; Senior Seminar; Community Nutrition; Food and Culture; World Hunger; Beef: it's what's for dinner; In Search of the Seven Species; Choose MyPlate; Dietary Guidelines; other topics courses.

Dr. Amanda C. Brodeur

Teaching: Human Genetics

Paul J. Cameron

Teaching: Human Physiology Laboratory

Cindy Cooper

Per Course instructor, Virology

Shannon R. Crosby

Per Course instructor, Dietetics

Dr. Richard C. Garrad

Teaching: Molecular cell biology; signal transduction; molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis; senior seminar; current literature topics

Dr. Amy E. Hulme

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anne Marie Hunter

Teaching: Introduction to Nutrition, Community and Service Learning in the Biomedical Sciences, Medical Nutrition Therapy I, Medical Nutrition Therapy II; Introduction to Research in Dietetics

David R. Johnson

David R. Johnson

Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist

Per Course instructor

Dallas S. Massey

Per Course instructor, Concepts and Issues in the Life Sciences

Dr. Tyler Morris

Teaching: Medical Human Anatomy

Sarah E. Murray

Teaching: Introduction to nutrition; food selection and preparation for health; nutrition throughout the lifespan; food safety certification course; heart healthy cooking series

Daniela Novotny

Teaching: Introduction to Nutrition; Introduction to Nutrition Assessment and Sports Nutrition; Nutritional Assessment

Hillary L. Roberts

Hillary L. Roberts

Senior Instructor
Dietetic Internship Director

Teaching: Nutrition counseling; human nutrition and metabolism; nutrition education and communication

Dr. Joshua J. Smith

Teaching: Introduction to Biomedical Sciences; Pharmacology, and Recombinant DNA Techniques; Honors College section of Intro to Biomedical Sciences lecture and lab; Pre-pharmacy Society faculty advisor

Tara J. Stulce

Tara J. Stulce

Clinical Instructor
Clinical Instructor


Dr. Benjamin F. Timson

Teaching: Human physiology; introduction to biomedical biomechanics; physiology of exercise metabolism; research in the biomedical sciences; medical physiology

Dr. Jianjie Wang

Teaching: Human anatomy laboratory; physiology laboratory; undergraduate research; human cardiopulmonary physiology; neurobiology; medical physiology

Joseph P. Williams

Teaching: Concepts in biomedical sciences; human physiology lab; molecular cell biology lab; molecular biology lab; bioinformatics and biomedical resources