Certificates and Minors

Expand your career potential

Looking to enhance your degree?

Add a certificate or minor.

It’s a great way to boost your skills and stand out from the crowd.

Undergraduate certificates

Certificates allow you to focus on a specific area that matters to you.  

Student practicing vaccine shots.

Have a head start on pharmacy school.

Students doing group activity in science class.

Explore how human biology applies to medicine and overall health.

Student using a microscope.

Find out what makes us human.


Add a background in the health sciences to your major.

Minors usually go more in-depth than certificates and require more credit hours.

Graduate certificates

Boost your career or gain the credentials you need.

Professor instructing two students during a lab class.

Increase your knowledge of cell structure, genetics and more.


Go in-depth on anatomy and physiology, and how they apply to human medicine.