Facilities and Resources

You can find us at Ann Kampeter Health Sciences Hall (formerly the Professional Building) on the northwest side of campus.

Here, you have access to labs and state-of-the-art equipment.

Laboratories and research equipment

Students and professor using machine in science lab.

Take what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply your skills.

Animal vivarium

Located in rooms 368 and 364, this is a standard facility for small animal housing and handling.

Approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), our vivarium can hold over 200 cages at full capacity.

It houses mice and rats for research and teaching purposes.

Cell biology and molecular biology

These labs have a prep room and space for research.

Cell biology features include:

  • Histological and immunofluorescent staining of cells
  • Western blot analysis

Molecular biology features include:

  • A wet lab area where samples can be prepped for analysis by microscopy
  • Spectrophotometer
  • UV transilluminator
  • PCR thermocycler

Test and explore molecular biology, genetics, virology, DNA and more.

Electron Microscopy Laboratory (EML)

The EML is located across campus at Temple Hall.

Several academic departments, including ours, share this valuable resource.

If you’re interested in electron microscopy, this is the place to go.

Features include:

  • Support services for sample preparation.
  • Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).
  • Examination of specimens for SEM and energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis.

Microscopy (Kampeter)

Take a closer look at things with our array of microscopes.

In the microscopy research suite at Kampeter, you’ll find:

  • Olympus BX60 system microscope.
  • Olympus IX81 system microscope.
  • Olympus IX70 system microscope.

Tissue culture

Discover the inner-workings of cells and tissues in this lab.

Features include:

  • Two laminar flow hoods for tissue culture maintenance.
  • Two CO2 incubators used for mammalian cell culture.
  • An inverted phase contrast microscope for observing cell cultures.
  • A liquid nitrogen Dewar for long term storage of cells.

Other labs and equipment

Centrifuge. Used to separate various parts of a fluid.

We have many more places designed to meet your needs.

Biomolecular and nanomaterials characterization

Research on biomolecular and nanomaterials characterization occurs across several lab spaces in Kampeter.

These labs all have the proper equipment for this type of work.

Common equipment room

Another place for your research needs.

Our common equipment room has:

  • Three -80° Celsius freezers.
  • Three centrifuges (clinical, mid-speed, and ultra).
  • pH meters.
  • Electronic balances.

General research labs

Faculty and students share many general labs in Kampeter for ongoing research projects.

Student computer labs

Working on a class paper? Our computer lab in Kampeter has 15 stations for your academic needs.

You can print and scan documents, use software (Microsoft Office) and research information online.