Assessment Grants

Assessment Grants and Exit Passes are on hold for Fall 2022 while the team reviews processes and funding.



Keep Assessment Simple with Exit Passes

Conduct Exit Passes five times before October 15 to receive $250 for the University Bookstore. Each time you complete a round of exit passes, complete this form to submit your application.

Option 1: At the end of class, ask them to answer this questions: "What did you learn today?"

Option 2: Ask them, "Tell me 3 things you learned, 2 things you found interesting, and 1 question you have."

Faculty Assessment of Student Learning Grants

Apply for the Grant

Here in Assessment, we know that your ultimate goal is to help your students succeed—ours is too. Our intention with these grants is to support you, the faculty, in your innovative practices in the assessment of student learning. To successfully complete the form, you must be signed into your Office 365 account for the proposal form to work.

About the Grant

Applying is easy; simply think about what you want to know about your students’ learning, think of a way to assess it, and fill out a proposal form. If you would like a thinking partner or would feel more comfortable running your assessment plan by a member of our team, email us at to set up a meeting. Grant awards are $500 and will be awarded in the form of faculty stipends. Funds will be disbursed upon completion of the final report.

Funded Grants

Assessment of Student Learning Grants are intended for faculty who design assessment projects in their courses, programs, departments, or colleges. Instructors used the funds to offer an opportunity for learning and reflection on student learning. Below are final reports from faculty indicating the learning outcomes and results following the grants.

Feel free to peruse the proposals and reports below, or take a look at our Assessment Grant Awardee Profiles.