Assessment Grants

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Here in Assessment, we know that your ultimate goal is to help your students succeed—ours is too. Our intention with these grants is to support you, the faculty, in your innovative practices in the assessment of student learning. To successfully complete the form, you must be signed into your Office 365

account for the proposal form to work. 

About the Grant

Applying is easy; simply think about what you want to know about your students’ learning, think of a way to assess it, and fill out a proposal form. If you would like a thinking partner or would feel more comfortable running your assessment plan by a member of our team, email us at to set up a meeting. 

What happens when I get a grant?

When a proposal is chosen for funding, the applicant will pay for the project and will be reimbursed once their final report has been submitted and approved (these reports are due by May 15, 2019). Please note, Assessment Grants may not be used to subsidize travel. If a proposal requests funding for stipends, please include fringe in your calculations. Only one proposal per applicant is eligible for funding in an academic year. 

Once applicants receive notification of funding, they must complete and return a budget form and an Internal Approval form to the Office of Assessment within 30 days. 

Grants are now available.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the semester.

Eligible projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Compare student learning in face-to-face and online courses
  • Develop, revise, or refine student learning outcomes in the major
  • Support a meeting of dual course, per course, and full-time faculty in a department
  • Support focus groups with students or alumni to ask questions related to program learning outcomes
  • Focus groups with transfer and homegrown students on student learning in a program
  • Incentivize faculty for the extra work involved in assessment
  • Credit for Prior Learning 
  • Survey students about what they are learning
  • Review General Education data
  • Support a meeting of faculty to look at student Public Affairs essays together 
  • Support a meeting of faculty to look at student work together
  • Support a meeting of faculty to look at data together 
  • SWOT analysis in the beginning stages of program review

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Funded Grants

Assessment of Student Learning Grants are intended for faculty who design assessment projects in their courses, programs, departments, or colleges. Instructors used the funds to offer an opportunity for learning and reflection on the three pillars of public affairs.  Below are final reports from faculty indicating the learning outcomes and results following the grants.