Communicate with Elements and Patterns

Navigation Elements

Breadcrumb ButtonsLinksSide navigation



A breadcrumb is a navigation system that reveals to the site visitor their location within a website. 

Basic page

Campus name  /  Site name  /  Page name

Landing page

Campus name  /  Page name



Primary buttons

These primary buttons may be added to your page. They also appear within patterns such as the call to action. 


Default Visited Hover Focus Active Disabled

Secondary buttons

These secondary buttons may not be added to the page outside the patterns in which they reside.


Standard page links may be added or edited using the Omni CMS toolbar. 

This a is a text link.

This a is a visited link.

This a is a hover link.

This a is an active link.

create links in modern campus CMS

Below are specialized links that may be added to your page as well: 

Side navigation

The Missouri State site has two sections within its side navigation region:

Local navigation

This section contain links that are relevant to that particular web page.

How to add a local nav link in modern campus CMS

Section-wide navigation

This section contains links relevant, and needed, by all pages within your site.

How to add a section-wide nav link 

Image showing local and section-wide navigation